Incapacitating Freedom

So, my computer died, or at least it seems so, and it died in the process of me doing a belated back up. So, since I’ve lost all my emails, my addresses, my documents, my calendar, my bills and financial records, my web favorites, my pictures, and basically I have nothing to do, which is to say, don’t know what I am supposed to be doing, so it’s about the same thing.

So, please send me your email address if you happen to check this blog, along with any interesting files or websites I may have ever sent you. 🙂

The family is fine, just more of the same, Ben’s not loving school, but does love scouts, Sophie is pretty easy going and enjoying her own musical extravaganzas in the bathtub and bedroom venues, and Noah is joyfully destroying everything in his path. Lucy has begun to take an interest in Noah’s exploits and as his apprentice in destruction is beginning to show some promise. Still no more steps, though she can stand and squat and stand again hands-free.

Finally got my emergency kits into relative order, just a few small pieces missing (like the kid’s food for those 72 hours), but closer than ever, and none too soon, since we have been reminded to do this for our entire lifetimes. May we never need to use them.

Love to all.

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