Sophie & Ella: The Girl Band to Watch in ’07

[This was really written on September 30: I’ll be writing something, even if it is just a few sentences, each Sunday, so Mondays should be a good day to check in. ]
So, in September, school started and Sophie turned six! That’s the short version.
Ben’s teacher, Ms. Ribero (Portugese, pronounced Hi-bay-doo) is a first-year teacher. She seems reserved with parents, but confident with the kids. Ben likes her and is very attached—he gets upset when there is a substitute, which he has already had twice. He stays on green most days (on their behavior code of green, yellow and red), some yellow days. We didn’t give her any information up front, but gave them a chance to get to know each other. Unfortunately, other kids don’t enjoy his company and make it very clear to him, and each day he has to listen to the kickball team captains fight over how he’s NOT on their team. It breaks my heart.
That said, Ben’s behavior in general has been really quite good, and as a result, family life has improved quite a bit. He seems to have grown up a bit and understands more clearly the results of his actions and how they effect others. It is interesting to have a front row seat to watching this little boy grow up—and it’s an education. Sophie also likes school a lot and has two friends from our ward in her class, and many others from last year. She seems happy and is having fun, although her teacher, Ms. Tschopp, comes across as a total crab to me, Sophie says she’s not as nice as Ms. White, but she is still a nice teacher. She is given daily, rather than weekly homework, which is a pain. I feel good about the class in general, though.
Sophie turned 6 on Thursday, and we had a big fun Rock-n-roll party at the church park with dad’s mix tape, blow-up guitars and microphones, sunglasses, balloons and crafts. We went to dinner at Souplantation afterward. She had a great day, we all did. I really feel lucky to be her mom, she is really a sweet beautiful girl, and I love watching her grow up.

Sophie and Autumn getting ready to rock!

Noah’s too cool for you.

Ben with rock-n-roll hair due to rock-n-roll hyperness

Noah started at the preschool at Sierra Madre Elementary also, but has since dropped out because he wasn’t fully potty trained. They were willing to be flexible and work with us, but we felt like he was having more problems there because he is just a little guy, probably too little to being starting 5-day preschool. I realized I never would have wanted Ben gone from me every morning at that age, and that I really was doing it out of being tired, but I really enjoy being with Noah and having special activities I do with him and Lucy during the mornings, like I used to with Ben and Sophie. So we’ve started a music class and a PCC Mommy & Me preschool-type class for families with more than one child on Thursday.

It is a drastic difference between all I was able to accomplish in the week Noah was in school and after he came back home—he is definitely at a very time-consuming age, that is, if I want to keep him and Lucy alive and keep my house from being trashed. He’s lucky he has that sweet face or I would have to lock him up all day. He is excited about turning three this month.

Noah looks square, but he’s trouble.

Lucy is doing great, although she now has the virus we’ve all been passing around, and stayed home from church today with a fever. She’s still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but has these long legs poking out. She is starting to use a push-toy extensively, proudly giggling as she toddles behind it. At 16 months (on the 10th) she still nurses 5x a day, although she eats table food pretty well. I’m just doing all I can to try to get her to grow. I sense she still may have a belly problem, I’m just trying to work with it. She is very sweet and cuddly, I’ve really enjoyed this extended babyhood, although sometimes she still gets up in the night, which is not so much fun.

David and I are fine, just working on callings and trying to determine a good long-term plan for our lives. We do feel like the LA area is home and are trying to navigate how we can have a normal future in this town. We’re just trusting the Lord will provide a way if he wants us here.

I did take a short mental-health break with to Utah two weekends ago, which was totally great. My mom had me stay with her and she pampered me with a quiet house, a cozy bed, wonderful healthy food, a foot rub from my aunt and mom gave me a great salt rub mixture for the bath. We had a really nice time together. I also got to spend a day with the Christensens and see my new nephew Cooper, Karen’s son. Their church meetings were so great and I just came back so relaxed and spiritually fed. That lasted until about the time the kids came home, but it was great while it lasted.

Also, I have been doing tons of genealogy and the family history bug has really bitten me. I submitted 40 names to the temple yesterday for youth baptisms, including two third-great grandmas (one mine, one David’s) and an 8th great grand uncle from 1698. For my readers who don’t know why I’m doing proxy baptisms for my ancestors, check out Paul’s words on the subject: 1 Cor 15:29 and,11298,1897-1,00.html

Wish me luck as I try to blog weekly for real!

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