A Lesson on Spin

Our mom’s group at Descanso on Monday
(MEPAF: Moms of East Pasadena and Friends)

This week was super fun! Lucy started to really get walking, Ben did great with his schoolwork, Noah is always singing, and Sophie’s reading is really taking off.

On Monday we had a wonderful time at Descanso gardens and later a great family night and played Bible Bingo and ate donuts. On Tuesday we had scouts and played at the park. On Wednesday David left to go to Central California for work and the kids and I enjoyed a relaxing day together. Ben and Sophie got up early on Thursday to practice before coming in to me while still in bed to sing “Love is Spoken Here” (in full three-verse, duet form) . Later that day we had our friend Andrew over, as his mom just had a new baby boy. Friday we had a fun, active music class before we went to lunch with our friends Doris and Natasha, then took our friends Becca, Autumn and Andrew over to the Church park to play until the pizza and the Sister missionaries arrived and we ate dinner in the church and played until almost bedtime.

Ben went with the Scouts overnight with his dad and had a wonderful time. Then, Saturday I worked on the house getting ready for Thanksgiving while Lucy and Noah napped. After Sophie swept the whole front yard, she sung to herself at the table while making a turkey craft and said, “Mom, you make the best bread,” as she munched on some fresh from the oven. Uncle Mike came to stay late Saturday and came with us to church, where I taught Relief Society and really felt the Spirit as I bore my testimony about our ability to become an instrument in God’s hands. Then we all came home and ate waffles and bacon and the kids did gratitude-related crafts.

I just wish everyone could have the perfect life I have.

Here’s a picture of me

in my perfect life.

And, I guess I should also mention…

It took me six days to wash all the dishes that had piled up in my kitchen, due to the constant demands of schooling, training, disciplining, cleaning up more urgent messes, diapering and rediapering, my own distractibility and miscellaneous items like cleaning off a blue spiral-like sketch Noah put on his own face (in what I had thought was water-based marker). Why does my life involve so much poop!? (Answer, because Noah is only 60% potty trained).

My house is a complete disaster and I am totally stressed about getting it presentable for Thanksgiving. I am 10% done after a full week of effort and four days away.

I also yelled more than I would have liked this week, my cell phone died because someone spilled water on it, we all got a little bit of a cold, especially Lucy, who actually had rough breathing for a day or so. My dear friend Patti had her baby 5 weeks early and he’s having difficulties, and I feel so much for her having gone through such a hard experience just 17 months ago. Much of the “relaxing time” spent with my kids I was face-down on the couch not feeling so good with a belly bug or something.

Then, when I asked my oldest children if they really felt “love is spoken here” in our home, I simultaneously got:

Sophie: No, I guess not really.

Ben: No, but it would be if you guys would be nicer.


Thursday, I hadn’t had time to shower since David was out of town, and my hair showed it. Noah looked at me lovingly and said, “Mommy, your hair looks ugly.” A fact which couldn’t be disputed.

Friday, he was simply a holy terror while I tried to teach music class. Then I triple booked my schedule, as I am wont to do, and was like a headless chicken most of the day.

Saturday Ben had so little sleep from camping, and had such a hard time coming down off the high of being with his dad, that he spent most of Saturday in bed moping, sometimes crying, and occassionally yelling at me. He seemed to also have a fever for part of the afternoon. Noah then commenced along the same moody, runny-nosed path until collapsing to sleep, so we couldn’t go to the Elves Faire I wanted to check out.

But, I finished my goal of doing all the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, begun Monday at 8 a.m., –at 8 p.m. Saturday.

But the bread actually did turn out very good.

…So, there is a former marketing professional’s short lesson on “spin.” Look for it in a newspaper near you!

In other news, at the end of the week, a major fiscal crisis was miraculously diverted, and although my husband had to point out to me that the Lord had obviously answered our constant prayers in a very direct manner, I didn’t realize it because it wasn’t specifically what I’d been asking for and I was busy feeling cheated that Lord didn’t care. So I was repentant and humbled and I was brought again to be amazed at the kindness of God. I have so, so much to be grateful for because of and in spite of everything. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving.

My anchor for the week:

27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

28 Behold, I will show unto the Gentiles their weakness, and I will show unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto me—the fountain of all righteousness.

Ether 12: 27-28

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    Valerie – please don’t feel stress about a clean house Thursday! What a wonderfully full week you had – it must have sped by like a freight train barrelling down on your car which is stuck on the tracks! LOL

  2. Michele
    Michele says:

    Valerie – please don’t feel stress about a clean house Thursday! What a wonderfully full week you had – it must have sped by like a freight train barrelling down on your car which is stuck on the tracks! LOL


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