More on conspiring men

What kinds of conspiring men are a risk to our “temporal salvation?” My ideas:

  1. We all know the tobacco companies have known for years the damage their products do, they work to increase it’s addictive properties, and as the market in the US decreases, they move to the underage markets overseas, where business is booming! Conspiring men don’t care who they hurt.
  2. Alcohol producers know their product is addictive and dangerous and, with the possible exception of red wine (which benefits can also be reaped from plain old grape juice), has absolutely no health benefit. They advertise responsibility, meanwhile they advertise heavily to youth and market more and more youth-oriented products in kiddie packaging. Conspiring men pretend to be socially responsible while undermining social fabric.
  3. Coffee is big business and big money. It’s addictive, it has significant negative health impacts, everyone knows it. The coffee industry pays for studies to show that the hundreds of chemicals shown to be dangerous in coffee, aside from the drug itself, surely aren’t as important as some random research they were able to find (and fund) showing that it decreases the risk of type-2 diabetes, Parkinsons and colon cancer. Conspiring men take a product they know is dangerous, and fund and publicize the few benefits it has in an attempt to mislead the public to keep marketshare.
  4. Fast-food chains and junk-food producers know that MSG is an addictive flavor enhancer. They probably also know that it is linked to obesity in over 120 studies, and that the younger a child is exposed to it the more likely they will be obese in later life. They likely also know it can have negative reactions in almost every major physiological system in more then a quarter of the population. But, addiction means money, which is why food that would otherwise taste like cardboard makes us keep going under those golden arches to the drivethru. MSG is in almost every savory processed and fast food, from canned soup to Doritos to the biggest culprit, KFC. (Sweet foods use a similarly effective combination of unregulated chemicals called “natural flavors”). Smart marketers use flavor enhancers, but conspiring men use addictive chemicals to keep the money flowing.
  5. Why are the over 2000 chemicals banned in the European union with no deleterious effect on their economy, yet they are no problem for the US EPA an FDA to allow in our air, water, and food? Because money talks here in the US, and strangely, these departments are led by the ex-execs of the companies they are supposed to oversee and regulate (and protect the public from). On the FDA MSG-safety study alone, 4 of the 8 panelists had direct conflicts of interest. They also notoriously rubber-stamp favorable research conducted by the industries themselves. Using cheap chemicals for short-term benefit is good business, but conspiring men know they are potentially dangerous and continue to use them to avoid the cost of change.
  6. One word: Montesano
  7. The USDA was originally established to help protect and promote the beef industry, not protect the public, and they still hold true to their mission. They recently have lowered the standard of what “organic” means to include several chemicals in order to appease the agri-business lobby, and they allow (and help to conceal) the standard US beef-packing industry, which happens to be the most systematically inhumane and abusive slaughtering practices known in the civilized world. Conspiring men use secretiveness and extort (force) the natural system into an unnatural state for gain.

Conspiring men protect their wealth, power and fight change that would cost them money even if it meant a clear benefit to the public. I’m sure there are many others, but these I list as they relate directly to our physical health. The more I learn about the food supply, the more I understand the Word of Wisdom and why the prophet says to plant a garden.

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