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This week I was full of good intentions, got sick, did not do much of anything, and have about that much to show for it. The Suburban Harvest website is still close but not done, although I did line up Food Bank centers who are really excited about the project, as fresh produce is hard to come by. I really need to get that on line this week.

Noah made me laugh today because he kept saying goodbye to his church friends by saying, “Goodbye, alligator.” Doesn’t quite get the catchy rhyme requirement.

So, you are hereby strong-armed into to joining me on my new parenting blog. I recognize that those of you who know me will find the fact I’m writing a parenting blog either ironic, frightening or hilarious. But that is why it is a fun blog to visit. There are plenty of expert sites out there telling you how to parent, but not so many that make you feel like a better parent just by reading.

I’m also taking submissions for entries–anything real, unassuming, amusing and maybe even mildly humiliating, that includes one practical idea that has proven successful on at least one occasion (even if it is likely to never happen again). I’m shamelessly asking you to visit the site, comment on the site, and most of all, tell everyone you know about the site.

I’m doing this for the following reasons:
1. I think sharing real parenting experiences is sometimes more helpful than reading expert advice.
2. I find it healthy (or at least cathartic) to air my dirty laundry in a semi-anonymous setting
3. Maybe someone out there will take comfort in my effort to not hide how crazy it is at my place and realize they’re not alone.
4. I like writing, but I like the comments and feedback–it’s no fun to talk to myself (although I do).
5. If I get hits it will say, “Hey, Three Rivers Press, people read this person’s stuff so publish her book already.” Then I can check that one off, and learn to fly a helicopter, play the cello, knit, speak Spanish, lumber through a sprint triathalon, and then I’ll be free to die.

I’m hoping to now cash in all my good Karma from never sending spam and never asking people to forward anything to anyone. Forward this with your favorable comments to your whole address book and I am sure something fabulous will happen to you sometime in the next 5-10 years.

Come, visit, make comments, send submissions. Happy, sane parenting!

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Hi Valerie
    I sooo liked your “mama” blog… read them all 😉 and could so relate to you in many ways..

    You must write one on “punishment..turns out it was useless” or something like that… when my daughters fought… I would sit them at their kiddy table… and they had to sit for 30 minutes… stare at each other.. (my thought was be thankful for each other) and NOT talk at all… it gave me 30 minutes of peace and quiet… until I heard them whispering about how stupid the whole thing was.. and was I nuts…or what!!! well they were communicating nicely with each other… but about how much they disliked me… I had to stop that punishment… 😉


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