My Daily Chores

I know from experience moms like to know what other people’s chore charts look like. I believe this is part of a natural voyeuristic compulsion, also to see if we are as behind and as disorganized as we think we are, to see if someone is as perfect as she seems to be, or even to maybe even get lucky with a moment of smug, superior satisfaction. You probably can expect the latter from my list:


  • Read Scriptures
  • Say Prayers
  • Make Bed
  • Wash Face & Brush Teeth (Fine, be grossed out, but with the chaos each morning in my house I need to be reminded or it won’t happen.)
  • Tidy kitchen and wash hand-wash dishes (I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I can load the dishwasher each night, but I’m always too tired to wash the pots and big bowls, so I leave them until morning. Judge me. Whatever.)


  • Exercise
  • Attend to garden
  • Clean one area:

MON: Dining room & downstairs bath
TUE: Mop kitchen, clean living room & vacuum stairs
WED: My bath & my bedroom
THU: Kid bath & girls room (of course they “clean” it each day, but it does need adult attention)
FRI: Boys room & hall closet (ditto)
SAT: Clean cars (in/out) and yard


  • Start Dishwasher & Wipe Down Counters (In my Flylady moments I shine the sink)
  • Blog, Journal & Church Job
  • Wash Face, Brush Teeth & Floss (Fine, be grossed out again, but I have a tendency to not think about going to bed until I’m involuntarily falling on my face–it’s gotta be on the chart.)
  • Say prayers (you can surmise from the last item how alert I am and how effective these are–I’m glad He’s forgiving)

Unlike my kids’ chore charts, mine has the added burden of “Things to do all day:” and includes such all-encompassing feats as: speak softly, drink a gallon of water, and meet my 90-day healthy challenge. I generally have to give myself a grade on this, as they aren’t, at least for me, easy things to just check off.

I got the idea to do one set of rooms a day from my husband’s grandma when I interviewed her for her life story before she died. She was such a fun, relaxed lady. She said she always got her work out of the way first–work before play–but she just did a little each day so there’d be more time for play.

Let the record show that items wouldn’t have to be on this chart if they automatically happened out of habit. If I followed this chart consistently, I’d surely die, because then I would have accomplished my life’s purpose and become perfect, transcending mundane earthly life.

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