The Ubiquitous Chore Chart

I can’t possibly be the only person in the world with old, torn, drawn-on, disregarded chore charts in every room of my house. Please tell me it isn’t so. I just can’t accept that I’m the only one who excitedly institutes a pattern of order every equinox and solstice only to completely abandon the consistent enforcement it requires. Please, tell me I’m not alone!

And, I can’t be the only mother who harps on my kids to have a regimented morning routine without ever minding my own. As I fall out of an unmade bed to scuffle around the house, hair medusa-style and jammies be-robed, as I bark at them with my own bad breath to make beds, brush teeth, get dressed and say morning prayers–I’m by myself on that?

I understand from parenting books that I should behave so my children will too. I like this book because I learned so much from it’s title I never felt the need to actually read it. Please buy it through this site and tell me how it is. I’ll post your review.

The one routine we have managed to maintain is our Sunday routine. Each Sunday, dad meets with each of the kids individually to see how they are doing in a more formal setting, talk about goals, problems, the week’s events, etc. The kids like the one-on-one attention, so they’re sure to remind us each week, which is the only reason it has self-perpetuated so nicely.

So here’s my current plan. I decided to meet with whomever he’s not meeting with to go over their chore charts and print new ones. That leaves two other children wandering the house destroying things or each other, but it’s short enough to mitigate serious damage. Then, and here’s the kicker, I print my own chart. Yuck. The whole ordeal is concluded with all charts being taped to the fridge. Including mine.

The charts are broken up into times:

  • Things to do before breakfast
  • Things to do before dinner
  • Things to do before bed

Here you can see our chore charts for Mom and Kids.

By attaching this project to the dad meetings, I hope to get that same magic that comes from an immovable event that becomes self-propelling. You see, none of the old, ignored charts on my walls will ever be more than a week old! Ingenius!

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