All the hip parents are doing it

I’m traveling, so I’m short on time, but for your amusement, I thought I’d share a real-life conversation that took place between me and my husband on Sunday, uncensored.

Him: Hey, I was thinking that since, you know, we’ve had four kids and stuff, that today, when we go to church, we could maybe take a diaper and some wipes in a purse or bag, so when the baby poops I don’t have to drive home to change her.

Me: What? Who does that? That is crazy talk. Who am I, Martha Stewart?

Him: No, I’m just saying that last week I had to bring her all the way home in the middle of church, and, if we brought a diaper, you know, in a bag, then, when she poops, we can change her there, and it will take less time.

Me: I don’t know about this . . .

Him: It’s all the rage with parents these days, it’s really “now.”

Me: Well, okay, we’ll try it, but just this once.

This may explain why, when my dear friend was excitedly explaining how she could get a new $150 diaper bag for only $50, I was left bewildered. I realized that not only am I required to go prepared with baby items when I leave the house, but using a plastic shopping bag from Target would not be acceptable for this purpose.

There must be some sort of government aid or compensation for people with this condition.

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  1. brieanne.
    brieanne. says:

    oh hilarious. isn’t it enough that we have to remember to bring the kids?! what is with the pricey diaper bags anyhow? doesn’t a free tote from the library work anymore?!


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