An End To My Lazy Ways of Boiling Water

Image: NY Times

In tandem with my almost daily attempts to get a buzz off the dinner-making rush by starting too late and making a huge mess in my wake, I have various tactics which ensure this process goes smoothly.

One in particular, obvious to most, but one that always makes me feel Very Clever as the dinner clock ticks, is my habit of filling pots with hot tap water before putting it on to boil–saving me a crucial 4 minutes.

Well, the good news is I now have an excuse for why I fall short in so many areas of my life. I have been made stupid by drinking hot tap water. I can only assume this is the same reason my children think skateboarding down the slide is a good idea.

No more drinking hot tap water, ladies, the scientists say so:

Never Drink Hot Water From the Tap

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