Sleepy Reader

I do feel that reading the Book of Mormon each day is having a good effect on me, and there is something about reading it all at once fast that gives a perspective that can’t be had going over it verse by verse.

I have really been struck by the idea that prophets are regular people, but they are people interested in knowing God. Nephi gains so much information simply because he has heard what his father says and he wants to know for himself and see it with his own eyes. There is so much to be gained from just asking in faith. I really want to invest more time in prayer and asking to understand. When I’m immersed in the scriptures and have a strong line to my Heavenly Father, my mind opens up and I see new things, I understand differently, and I start to feel changes in every part of my life as things start to line up more with the Lord’s will. President Packer once said that the saints live well below their blessings. The fact that so much light, knowledge, love, understanding and personal transformation is right there to reach out and hold on to–He is so close–yet I simply don’t “look and live” attests to that.

 There’s something for me to work on.

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