Catching up on pictures

First, I don’t think I’ll be blogging on Saturday. Second, I am just so happy here, things are going great. Third, no coop pics, because it was too cold to go outside on Saturday so we bagged yardwork. Stay tuned for those. Here are some pics I’d like to share with you.

Sophie, getting a prize for being helpful and friendly at her school, kindly lined up by her otherwise grumpy teacher right before we moved:

Sisters in the tub!

Our last family night in Pasadena we shared with friends…here are the Hansens–miss you!!

Sophie and Addy–so cute!

The fabulous Halls

The wonderful Higginbothams

The much-missed Chamberlains

A serene Laura and her fevered daughter.
The sweetest pic of Sis. Wright ever, with cute Addy.
My sweet Doris!

Sophie and Autumn

Then we moved away. If you were at the FHE and you didn’t see a picture of yourself, it is because I am a poor photographer and got you with your mouth full and didn’t want you mad (Lyons, DuToits, Hunters, many others), or I was in the picture and it was just too bad to be allowed.

So, when we came here, we had an owl who lived in a small pine tree in our driveway. I named him Mr. Peepers. He was annoyed that people had moved in after having the place to himself for almost 2 years, so he’s gone now. But first he left some serious owl art on David’s car.

The weekend after we moved in was Easter, and we had a hunt. Here is Sophie and our friend Brodie Mitchell frolicking about in the mini-orchard. Our house is through the trees on the right.

Here is Grandma helping Lucy find some eggs.

Here’s the best picture I could get of Ben, right after he got the last clue and found his basket. Believe me, he was happier than he looks, but he won’t pose for pictures without serious threats, which I didn’t feel I should do while we celebrated the Easter Egg thing. He could pass for 16 with that face, not eight. Will he be “over” the teenage attitude by the time we get to the teenage years, or will it be just magnified exponentially?

Noah, happy and glutting himself on candy.

Sophie, Morgan and Addy, feeding our neighbors. Morgan especially loved the horses.

So, I’m all caught up on pics. I’ll try to upload them weekly now. Life is good!!

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    cute pictures.. thanks… your place is wonderful. re teenage attitude.. Jamie was DONE with attitude at age 17… she put her arm around me and said ‘I love you’ I felt like my daughter was back… at last…. wishing you a safe and happpy trial by teens..
    love you and missyou all


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