How does one title each day of one’s life? It’s oppressive!

Feeling a bit better, but kind of not. Mom worked in microbiology today (she works in the lab at the hospital) and cultured herself, says we may have streptococcus pneumococcal (not strep throat, pneumonia). She came by tonight to culture me and will tell me tomorrow. I feel less coughing, but very tired, and like someone is standing on my chest. Lame germy Utah!

Michele came to visit this morning, which was nice. Friends like her who know just about how “well” I take care of my daily life look around this place and all the outside work to be done with a kind of “Good luck with that” look. All I can say is I will have help–this is becoming the extended family farm, it seems.

The kids just played all day, half in the neighbor’s yard on their tramp and swingset, half in our yard. They all fell asleep hard. I think Ben is already losing weight. Hope I’ll follow suit.

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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    Ha ha ha. My good luck with that look was also partly, I’m kinda glad its not me look. I was tired thinking about it. Can’t wait to see the demolition pics!


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