Halfway through strawberries

(disclaimer: not an actual image of any strawberries I have grown or will grow)

Today I was pretty crazy until about 1ish, but then I had a new friend come over from the ward. I was going to cancel (cuz of the crazy) but couldn’t manage to do it once I had her on the phone.

I met her a few weeks ago in the mother’s lounge and immediately liked her. She is lovely, motherly, smiley and mellow. Her name is Rose. She grew up on a farm as the 10th of 12 children. She’s married to the son of a polygamist (son–her husband–converted to LDS prior to their marriage). I learned a lot of interesting stuff about modern polygamists that don’t live in creepy compounds. Instead, they live like normal people on your suburban street (they just have two wives in there and other wives that visit). It was interesting hearing her perspective, because she has a good relationship with her in-laws.

She has a 14 mo old and a 3 year old who played with Noah and they became fast friends. After she came, she went back home (2 blocks away) and got a saw and came back and helped me hack away at the overgrown undergrowth of a fat pine, and we succeeded in trimming its skirt nicely.

It was nice to be around her down-to-earth Idahoan calmness. We made plans to hang out on Tuesdays.

After she left I hacked away some more, this time at one of the two strawberry patches (bordered by cinderblocks) because I had to get ALL the grass roots out of there or they would choke my berries, and there was a LOT of grass that had taken over. Mom came to help a bit. It took me all the time I had to just rototill and hoe and grab and rake one of the boxes and put 18 plants in there, all about a foot apart. I’ll work on the other one tomorrow.

David was all proactive and made two HUGE oven pancakes while mom and I finished up. Mom stayed for dinner, and David’s parents showed up and we all hung around and it was pleasant. My mom watched Sleeping Beauty with the kids. It is really nice having family so close.

My Pa-in-law stood with me on the porch tonight as we watched a grey storm blow in and said, “Isn’t this nice? Do you like it here? I thought you did, but I can’t tell from your blog.”

I just explained, “It’s not about where I am, it’s about who I am.”

So, let the record show, yes, I like here a lot. It is beautiful, and my favorite part of the day was finishing up patting in the berry plants while the wind whistled ominously and the trees started swaying and I started to feel little drops on my arms.

I love having real weather!! I’ve had 12 years of 99% sunny and hazy, and I’m really loving the storms.

So, I’m ending the day less crazy. I also pushed on another promising door today (not for me). Please send prayers. Love to all.


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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Hi Kiddo… how lovely your day sounded… friends helping… and your parents loving you all. I wish my daughters were closer..geographically… I miss them… your parents are soo blessed to have you all nearby. you will learn to not just seize the moment..but enjoy it too..
    my love to you… and prayers for the ‘door’ to open for you..


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