Retraction II

Well, that was a fun experiment, writing every day. But the fact is, my personal journal is neglected and my more personal and serious thoughts need writing. Also, my life that is sharable right now is boring. It’s too cold to plant or tear down the hen house, although I may prune the fruit trees. There’s nothing fun to say. My brain can’t even keep up with the mamamelodrama posts 2x a week these days.

You can count on my Sunday posts, and if something happens, especially by way of our farm efforts, I will definitely post.

Be glad I didn’t post yesterday or you would all have feared for my sanity and self-preservation. I hate Mondays, and they cosmically hate me back.

Love to all.

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  1. dcr
    dcr says:

    hey val, do what i do and simply forget it’s monday! i usually think it’s tues or sometimes wednesday. invariably, i mess something up but at least i don’t hate mondays so much! love you! diane


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