A painful pinch

I got in the other bed of strawberries today, but my small front-tined rototiller that I’d borrowed puttered out yesterday and so I was left with hoeing.

Last night I was reading my books on strawberries and it had this sad phrase:

To encourage vigorous growth of regular cultivars, remove blossoms that appear
the year the plants are set out. The year that everbearing kinds are planted, remove all blossoms until the middle of July. The later blossoms will produce a late-summer and fall crop.

The good news is both kinds of strawberries I got are ever-bearing, so I can go ahead and still have strawberries this year. The bad news is that all my plants came bursting with blossoms and young strawberries, which were woefully picked off one-by-one today, in the name of forcing roots and runners.

Let me express here that although I appreciate being forced to do upper-body work and exercise, hoeing is serious stuff, and my tiller was very missed. Just that 4×10 bed was quite a task, as it had large mats of tight grass with many inches of root.

David spent the day shoveling a large trench around the chicken coop so we can lay down hardware cloth and/or barbed wire to prevent digging predators who like fat hens. It was apparently very hard work.

The children worked hard today, even Sophie and Noah, with a little less harping and lectures as usual. We are having a reception for my ma-in-law on Friday for her M.Ed. graduation and, until we realized it will be 50 degrees Friday evening and not likely an outdoor event, were working hard on the yard. Ben, who is feast or famine with the work ethic, was sweeping the walks and patios vigorously, saying loudly, “We are having a big party here in two days and I want this place cleaned up! We need the walks swept, the leaves raked, the windows washed and the walls cleaned!! We need to get to Target and Costco tomorrow! We have a LOT of work to do!!”

I found all that very amusing.

I know I owe everyone pictures, and I’ll get on that sooner or later. I’m out of town this weekend after the party for my niece’s blessing and nephew’s b-day party in Vegas–lots of fun family things.

I have about 600 pages to read this weekend during the drive on organic gardening and composting. Back with my trademark unrealistic optimism again. I love the mania part of bipolarity–such a productive place.

It will be quite a cram session.

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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    Good job! We’re coming back in July for my niece’s baptism. I cannot wait to see how ya’all have transformed that place. I’m very excited for you.


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