Let’s hear it for my mom . . .

Let’s give my mom a hand . . .

Am I really that old? You all probably have no reference for that. Sigh. Good old 80s

Anyway, short post today because my fingers are stiffening up. I dreamed all night about how I should be trying to take off the sod in the pasture, not digging holes and then shaking off the dirt. I did a 2ft x 40 ft swatch by hand this morning and had three new blisters and old-people hands. My mom insisted we rent something and offered to foot the bill.

I called Diamond rental and asked about a sod-cutter to take off the grass in the 4 ft “boxes”–then we could use my cousin’s rear-tine tiller (big) to till them no problem–the grass is the problem for the tiller. The rental wasn’t that much, just $20 an hour, and they only counted two hours even though we were bringing it back tomorrow morning.

Now, all the boxes are grass free (8 of them, ranging from 60 ft to 30 feet). However, though the machines may be faster, they are not easier. I felt like I was taming a 300 lb, very loud bronco all day, followed by a great deal of rolling the very heavy sod up and putting it in the aisles. We worked until there was just no more light, about 9 p.m.

I have never, ever done this much physical labor in one day. I literally can hardly walk.

Boo hoo, I know, It’s my own fault. Still, I’m excited that we are so much closer to having it ready to plant than we were last night. Yay! Ow!!

PS: Hey Suz, I’ve done my share of lurking on sites and you’re very welcome to hang out–glad you liked the vid–it’s wacky and interesting and really makes you think about things. My grandma was also silent between her stroke and her death, and I really felt she was aware of things. The brain is a fascinating thing.

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