Busy week

Four generations! That lady with hardly any wrinkles in the middle? Yep, she’s 88. Let me tell you about granny’s skin care regimen–sheesh! I can’t, it’s a state secret anyway.

I look like my dad in this picture, which is very, very disturbing to me, but everyone else looked cute, so I’m swallowing my pride and putting it in.

The chickens are getting so big! Here’s Lucy at sunset, following me around while I took some pics of the fatties.
All the chickens are the same age, and some of the fryers are girls, so it is not a gender thing here, all about breeding. Fryer’s on the left, laying hen on the right (and bottom). Although you can see the bright red comb on top of the fryer, so it is a boy. The girl fryers’ combs are pale and smaller, and there are none that I’ve seen yet on on the layers.So here’s the West garden all going green! And Lucy. The hose and my bag of compost make it unkempt, but hey, we’re working here. Far left row from front to back, two acorn squash plants and four varieties of potato, beets in back. Middle row front to back: chard, carrots, onions, peas, tomatoes. Right row is all squash and beans with corn in the back.

This is my tallest corn. I just weeded it three days ago, and you can see it is already being overrun, so I’ll be on that tomorrow. It’s the Sabbath after all.

Here are the tomatoes on the West garden side, they are all of a sudden growing fast, they must like this warm weather we’ve finally been getting this week.
Saturday was so productive, the coop is almost done, everything was weeded, I thinned the corn (but cheated and took all the extra plants out and replanted them somewhere else). There was organic pesticide sprayed on all the fruit trees, grapes and berries. I still need to thin the fruit on the fruit trees. I am stressing over my compost and going to get some professional advice on that at the garden center this week.

I had a 3.5 hour job interview on Friday for a full time job in marketing for a company in SLC. The position has been open for four months, and I sent them a resume on Monday, they called Tuesday, we did a phone interview Wednesday, I put my portfolio on the web for them Thursday, and then I did the crazy interview (one room, two interviewers, two breaks, three water bottles), and they said when they are ready to make an offer they start reference checks.

Well, they are having me schedule the reference checks for Monday and Tuesday.

It was so weird rehashing my whole life with them. It will also be weird talking to my old Sprint boss–immesshed, educational, intense and all-encompasing are the words that come to mind of my time being what he called his “work wife.” A very different time, and that corporate life is such a very different world. But, it was one I was strangely happy and relaxed in on Friday.

David is getting a bit more work from the company he’s been with for three years. Last month we thought they’d dried up completely, but now it looks like it will keep us going a big longer. We are still actively looking hard for a regular position for him also. Between the two of us, we will be able to execute a 7-year plan to put our lives back in a good place. I have talked to my Bishop and other trusted counselors and feel very relieved about this plan. I know that being here in Utah will make things easier for the kids.

Plus, this wonderful woman I was working with when I was deciding on doing a day care, she lives three houses down and runs the sweetest little 8-child, all-girl day care complete with French and ballet. I told her I likely need to be on her very long waiting list, and she said she will have an opening in late August and I’m officially on the top of the waiting list as far as she’s concerned. That is a huge relief for my concerns about Lucy.

Well, it looks like after all the many, many doors we’ve pushed on and keep pushing on, one is opening. It is not the door I thought would be the right one for us, or that I thought I wanted to be the right one, but I can see that right now, it is a miracle that it seems to be a very timely solution for us.

Anyway, I’ll let you know. Maybe my references will let the cat out of the bag about me and there won’t be an offer after all.

But if so, then I’ll be a working full time farmer with four kids. That will make for a lot of interesting blogging which I will never have time to do. However, I really like the company and know I’d be good at the job. Plus, paychecks are nice.

PS–if you click on the link about my dad above, you’ll learn that he was in fact one of the inventors of the PC. Cool huh? But he’s dead now. And he was nuts.

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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Your garden is looking great! It is so exciting to see the progress. It is even better when harvest time is here.

    Good luck with the job(s) possibilities. We will keep you guys in our prayers.

  2. Jen
    Jen says:

    Hey Val-wow you are a busy girl! I’m glad the interviews are going well, can’t wait to hear how everything turns out! Love you!!!

  3. brieanne.
    brieanne. says:

    wow busy sounds like an understatement! your garden looks even more amazing than I pictured. sometimes the “different doors” end up being better fitting ones in the end. yeah not that they would ever call a previous employee of yours for a reference, but i can attest to your many managerial, marketing, people and other business savy skills if needed!


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