Good things come in ugly packages

I admit this is not generally true, but true in this case. After reading this article in the LA Times about analysts’ projections of life when oil hits $200/barrel (in the next 6-12 months–that’s $7 gas) I can see first how crippling it will be to lose something our daily life is so dependent on as well as why more extreme environmentalists are applauding the higher prices.

Oh no! Without cheap oil we will have to:

  • Bring manufacturing back to the United States from China!
  • Start to keep our money in our own communities by buying goods and services locally!
  • Be unable to cheaply eat oil-derived food additives and preservatives (see coal: fun and yummy)
  • Have to pay more for our inane practice of moving our food around the world and country!
  • Have to eat foods in season!
  • Pay more for the oil-derived chemicals we use to pollute our products and homes!
  • Over the next few years, adjust from sprawling, anonymous commuter towns to more insular communities!

Oh no!

This is all overly-simplistic, of course. This process could be very ugly and devastating on a personal level, especially to those required to do long commutes to support their families. Maybe we can’t do it and it will be irreversibly crippling. But whatever steps we can take to lower our dependence on cheap, imported products, processed oil-based food, food shipped from far-flung places, etc. etc., the easier this forced change will be for our family.

Read the article–it’s an interesting mental exercise, and apparently is becoming quickly an actual fact of life.

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