Happy June 28th!

Which in West Bountiful this year, is their version of the 4th of July, complete with parade in the morning, party at the park all day, and fireworks at night.

This day was also David’s B-day, aforementioned, so the day was a childhood dream: Parade, new kittens, going to see the new Pixar movie Wall-E with dad, dinner at Chuck-a-rama, cake and ice-cream, presents for dad, play at the park, and fireworks. I told them to hold on to that day as the symbol of their childhood for when anyone asked them if they had a happy childhood. Ok, kids, you’d better say YES!

I know these pics are little, but I wanted a quick upload. Here are some images of the day:

The Cousins: Mark and Kim, some of their kids:

There was so much candy thrown at this parade! It was CRAZY. My cousin Josh (Kim’s oldest) is home from BYU for the weekend, and was studying engineering during the parade. He was rewarded by someone coming up with a huge bag of candy and dumping it on his lap as a reward for studying–you can’t see the candy (behind the notes), he was pleasantly surprised!The parade was complete with Darth!
The grumpilicious didn’t have to watch the parade and emerged afterward, “Because it’s my birthday and I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.”I kind of jumped on a whim while the older kids were at the movies and went picked up two free kittens, siblings, to be our farm cats. The black with gray stripes is a girl, Isabelle (Sophie named) The white with gray stripes (beautiful!) is a boy, Spike (Ben named).

David got a guitar and a Batman pillow (and Batman toys) for his b-day.

It has become a tradition that Ben design his dad’s cake on the computer and print it out for me to copy onto the cake, I don’t know that I did it justice. Here’s Ben’s design:

Here’s the cake:

Happy B-day, old man! It was a fun day!

Oh, and here’s that pillow I made for father’s day:

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