Please order a free seed catalog from–wow! If this doesn’t get you excited about growing a little food next year, nothing will, and it’s not too early to start planning. You can buy a $4 packet of seeds, find a 5′ sq patch of ground, and grow yourself your own 85-150lb watermelon! Or you can just have a fabulous container garden. It is just a fun, relaxing read, I’m already excited about next year, and learning about all sorts of things I can plant in fall!

I had a sick chicken last night and was sure she was going to die. She was totally lethargic, limp when I picked her up (they usually fuss something fierce) and rather compliant when I fed her water, milk and a bit of colloidal silver (seriously, get some of this for your emergency kit for water-purification and antibiotic purposes). She slept in a box in my bathroom and this morning was perky, mad when I tried to pick her up, and happy to be put back out with her other friends. She actually ran directly up to one of the roosters, and they nuzzled–weird, huh? Aw, chickens and their little feelings.

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  1. KathKarol
    KathKarol says:

    I love that story about the chicken. Now that you are bonding with them how will you eat them? I’m just saying that would be hard for me. But then I do love to eat me some chicken. Miss you. We’ll be in Utah again Aug 1st. We would love to meet your chickens.


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