I start my new job Tuesday. We are spending the day getting ready for the change. David’s taking over inside chores, I’m keeping outside chores. It’s sad but true, he is much better at running a home than I am. He’ll be doing his work at night, and we’ll call in the troops when he’s out of town.

I think it will be a good job (and I’m not saying that because they have this address, I need to assume they have better things to do than lurk on my blog). Since I am going back to work, it seems like an ideal situation. After training, my schedule will be early, 7-4, the work is familiar stuff, the people seem nice, so it should be good.

I’ve gotten other calls on jobs, but I’m just going with this one, since everything seems to be a good fit and I’ve already accepted. The one bummer was that one of the jobs had 100% tuition reimbursement, which would have been sweet if I did the online MBA with Indiana U that I’ve been wanting. But oh well, I think this is a good situation.

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