Settling into a night of talk-writing

I’m talking in Sacrament Meeting tomorrow. My topic is the Law of Sacrifice, and I just so happened to have given a lesson on that in Relief Society not so long ago. That gives me a good start, but I’ll be up late turning a discussion into a lecture. How lazy am I?

LOTS of yardwork today–everything is in the two gardens except for just a bit of space for subsequent plantings of beans, carrots and corn in one week and two weeks. Then a brief pause while I attend to the fruit trees and read up on canning and find a deep freeze.

Then total, tomato-covered chaos.

Mom planted irises in the front yard today, since my whole attitude since starting the gardens has been “I have a front yard?”

I’ll let you know how the talks go.

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  1. dcr
    dcr says:

    i entirely recommend steam canning for tomatoes and fruit. yeah, it won’t work for veggies but it saves a TON of time compared to water bath…and let me know if you can advise how i conquer my fear of the pressure cooker! love, diane


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