The Real Tuesday

I so appreciate your supportive comments. It really has helped today. I interviewed with another 9 people today–2 higher-ups together, three of the creative team I’d be on together, and then the four other members of the team together. I liked everyone and they liked me. The first meeting, with the President, took a little more than my average friendliness. I eventually broke him with my explanation of why I liked the company. Apparently they were his reasons, too. He was much more engaging after that.

The company is Access Development. My briefest description is that they have a discount network of over 200,000 merchants, including big name folks like Target and Eddie Bauer, and restaurants and such. They sell use of this network to large groups and companies under the client’s own brand, for example, the Arizona Teachers’ Union Discount Card. Then the teachers carry the card around and use it at the places they regularly shop. Merchants get loyal customers, companies and organizations make their employees/members happy, businesses reward their customers, and the cardholders get things cheaper. So it’s not a really hard sell–everyone gets something they want, this company just brings them together.

I talked to two more old bosses today–that’s such a trip! My boss from 12 years ago (that I worked with for less than a year) was very nice and said he’d be very complimentary–apparently he’s a national laboratory bigwig based in Maine now. And then good old Joe Edward from Sprint–always good for a laugh. Those references were both set up for calls tomorrow.

Before I left today the man who would be my boss, Andrew, asked if I’d be around tomorrow for him to call “in case there’s anything I’d like to discuss with you.” He and the other management folks are going to a management retreat at noon and I get the vibe he wants things wrapped up before he leaves.

So, my guess is that I’ll get a preliminary offer tomorrow. Or, they will call me on one of my answers to a question I got today and throw me out of the running all together–I can’t explain, but I’ve got a little fear that I may be caught in a deliberate omission of fact. I have worked to be very honest with them while not sharing additional info that, although related to my business life, I really didn’t want to discuss. I have a completely valid answer for them if it comes up, but I don’t know. So, I’m betting tomorrow I’ll be hired or prematurely fired.

After the interview I came home and just felt like my world was shaking. This would be such a big change, coming so fast, and so different from what I’m doing or what I thought the answer to our problems would be, so at odds with the identity I’d imagined for myself, and with so many spiritual and logistical challenges. Plus I was a little anxious about my evasive (to put it kindly) answer to a direct question.

I actually needed a blessing from David to calm down. The blessing said that I needed to move beyond the difficulties of the past, that the opportunities that were coming were from the Lord, that I would be given the strength to take on the additional responsibilities and that I shouldn’t underestimate my resources or abilities as I go into this. I did feel better, but still a little overwhelmed.

I spent the rest of the day weeding–over 3 hours, and I only did the little garden. The big garden I can weed more with a hoe, so it should be quite so labor intensive. Even though it is something that I’ll have to do again every week, I enjoy it. So much of household life is like pushing the rock up the hill only for it to roll back down and be pushed up again. But somehow, the weed thing doesn’t discourage me as much as, say, the dishes thing, or the feeding everyone three times a day thing.

I’ve got to make a menu plan for my family tonight. I have faithfully made and followed different menus for my family so many times in the past eight years, that I can’t believe that I’m starting from scratch yet again. I’m ready for bed right now.

Since I pretty much know the group of people who read my blog, I just want to say that I appreciate you letting me dump on you and that you actually take an interest in my life–I feel supported when I talk to you guys on the phone and know that you know what is going on and care. I love that via the blog I am still connected to great folks like “Nordy” (when are you coming to Utah?) and that it motivates me to keep a journal better. Hail the blog!

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  1. E-coach
    E-coach says:

    Wow, you are being so open. I hope the company doesn’t read your blog ha ha ha.

    I’m so curious about what you referred to that you’re not revealing! But I understand.

    A new job after being a mom is a HUGE step. I have had similar struggles.

    For the first month it was tough almost every day. A few months later I love my job but it took some time to adjust. A blessing is what helped me find courage to start.

    You will find the help and it will work out. I’m praying for you and cheering you on through this.

    Love you-

  2. brieanne.
    brieanne. says:

    wait is Today Tuesday? i’m a day ahead i think. i am so glad that you were able to calm down with the help of a loving husband and the priesthood he holds. interviews are always nerveracking to me … secondguessing oneself and questioning every answer. how wonderful to have such a constant source of fulfillment (GARDEN). i’ve heard it helps with stress….i’m sure no matter what the Lord has a plan for YOU that will unfold when the time is right.

  3. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Hey Valerie… I look for you everyday.. but do not always comment… your blessing from Dave, it is so rich… please hear what he said. My prayers and love are with you. keep letting us know what is going on…


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