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That said, I was sent an article today from my dear friend Jane that perfectly sums up why I, as a fiscally/foreign-policy-wise/socially conservative person, am campaigning for Obama. It is an endorsement from the White House counsel of two previous republican presidents. It’s not very long, take a look:

I am constantly adding to my political sidebar, but I will try to keep my actual blog less offensive to you people who still think McCain has deep personal ethics or cares about the unborn or the traditional family just because he has an elephant by his name–whoa, getting a little snarky there! Sorry, I’ll try to keep it civil.

I’m confident he’ll win. But let the record show that I fully understand that either candidate, including Obama, may completely blow it and destroy our country even more–you never know with politicians. But, can we hope a little? YES WE CAN.

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  1. Mocktalk
    Mocktalk says:

    I’m not voting for Obama, but I have considered putting myself in as a write in. But I’m only 34 so I don’t really qualify as a candidate. Truth is, I’ll probably vote for McCain – yes, just because of that darned elephant thing. Hey, at least I’ll admit it. One thing that we can all remember, the president can’t ruin the country singlehandedly, he needs congress to help him do that.
    Shelly Mock


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