For you bloggers, do you ever have a day where you go to title your post, and realize really there is no theme to your day or any thoughts therein? Thus, Tuesday. Nevermind that it is Monday today, for when I wrote the title, I thought it was Tuesday. There it remains.

The company I interviewed for contacted two of my references today. I got to spend a half hour on the phone today with the boss of all bosses, the long-lost owner of my soul, who now has my blog address (for the pictures), but he knows that it is not an insult to say he owned me in those days, but fact.

It was fun talking, like visiting a past life, being able to step right in like it wasn’t seven years later.

After the references, they called to set up a final interview, but really it sounds like a meet-and-greet: with the team I’d be working on, the president of the company, and probably the lady who vacuums the floors at night–it’s a very thorough company.

I dealt with bills, phone calls and household stuff (not the dishes, of course, although the pile is egregious) until I took the kids swimming with my mom. It was fun, although at this stage of my life, swimming means trying not to drown while carrying two excited and wiggly non-swimmers around, and maybe one swimmer on my back. We got a snack at Paces and came home and had pizza with maw/paw in law and showed off the garden. The kids are sleeping hard.

I found a 101 read-aloud story book at the DI (my new favorite place to buy my children’s practically disposable clothing) and have been reading to Ben and Sophie each night from it. I feel bad that with all my talk about education and literate children I’ve been so flaky with this. I’m really enjoying it.

Tommorow I’ll be weeding and weeding–things are out of control out there–that old phrase “growing like a weed”–I just never fully understand what that meant!

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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Some exciting things happening. I remember when we would come and visit you guys in LA when you were working for Sprint. I remember that huge building we picked you up at once. Random memories : ).

    Every time you mention Pace’s, my mouth begins to water for a Rainbow. Lucky!

    What is the company that you have been interviewing with/ will meet and greet with? Or maybe you can’t say yet?

  2. Michele
    Michele says:

    Good morning from sunny socal. I really hope you get the job and the paycheck it brings. And thank you for fighting the good Obama fight. Your garden is looking awesome! And you are beautiful just like your mother and grandmother!

  3. Nordy's
    Nordy's says:

    Valerie – good luck with your job! I hope it all works out for you, even though I am still in shock that both you and Carrie are back in Utah!!! PS: I loved the link on homeschooling – since we will likely be homeschooling our girls, it gives me a lot of quick comebacks for people without an open mind! Good luck! Sheri


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