A better day

I had Dave post that thing about the kid earlier because my work blocks a lot of sites and I couldn’t get on blogger. I got a call at 8 a.m. from Paw-in-law and realized I may have managed to stress out people just like I was stressed out. Sorry if I did that to you.

I am learning something about myself. When I have tons to do, I get all fired up and am a whirlwind of productive creativity. When I have a lot of downtime or unstructured time, all of a sudden I am a bump on a log. I had all the time in the world to do the personal projects I’m taking on before I went back to work, but was stagnant. Perhaps it was discouragement about things, financial frustration–those things can be paralyzing.

But, if I was all rich and hopped up on Prozac I think I’d still be more motivated by being busy. Isn’t that a funny word–business=busy-ness. It makes business seem so inane–the cause of being busy.

At work the new employees had a big 4-hour meeting on the Franklin Covey Four Disciplines of Execution today. I’ll be honest, I’m a little burned out on the Covey cult and don’t drink the Kool-Aid, if you know what I mean. Mainly because I think he’s getting paid too much for stating the obvious, both of which he is, but most of us need the obvious stated and many are willing to pay him for it. So, kudos to him and whatever.

I’ll say it. In the end, it was totally great. The whole point was to get tools to bridge the gap between what you want to accomplish and what you actually do, and I felt like I got my mind around the actual concrete things in both my job and my personal life that I can do to get me what I want. I sipped just a bit of the Kool-Aid.

Oh, I wish the camera cable wasn’t in where Lucy is sleeping, I have SO many pictures for you, including no less than 20 pounds of produce I picked today. I spent my evening making zucchini bread, grating bags of zucchini for the freezer, roasting chiles–it’s a fun time.

Well, it’s 11:37, I need to get up at 6 and I still have empires to build tonight, so I’d better go.

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