Back to Work

My cherry tree

My first day was fine–forms, HR stuff, orientation. Nice lunch at a hippie place (how did they know?–oh, ya, I guess it could be that they read my blog). The work will be interesting. The benefit of the crazy intense interview process is that going in to a place you’ve spent several hours in and met everyone who works there doesn’t feel very new or nerve-racking. They have a full two weeks of training scheduled, so hopefully I’ll know enough after that to be useful.

I need to get out in the yard and plant carrots, parsnips and radishes and put “scare ribbon” in the cherry trees and on the grape plants. It’s a fat, metallic ribbon that easily moves in the air and reflects light to scare off the birds. I hope it works, because bird netting is much more expensive and a pain to put on a 30 ft cherry tree, and the birds are starting to get excited about my cherries.

Thanks for your sweet and supportive comments. Posts may not be long, but I’ll try to keep them coming.

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