Harvest has begun!

Thursday the apricot tree was ripe and we picked them all, and the zucchini is coming in with more every day–they are SO good!

Today I thought I had what I needed for stew and got the meat on during church but came home and realized I had no potatoes or carrots. So, the kids and I headed out to the garden to see what we could put in our stew. I checked the russets, but they were tiny, like a kumquat. I went down to the reds, and they were perfect new potatoes, from an inch to three inches. Many of the pea pods were fat and ready to shell, so we set the kids to work on that. We took some of the 2″ carrots that aren’t even close to done, just so we could say we had carrots. The stew was fabulous. I never had a just-picked potato before and they taste so real and potatoey. It was just heavenly. Pics are coming.

I love work, the garden is great, the kids are happy and things are looking up. It feels so good to do something I am good at for once, and to be making a positive impact on our situation (also for once). I feel confident that we are on the path the Lord has laid out for us to answer our prayers–sometimes I guess the answer isn’t always magic fairy dust but hard work. I feel truly happy for the first time in–so long I can’t remember.

Oh, I have learned that although I seriously know hardly anyone here, all the women at church seem to know that I am working and some apparently have reached the conclusion that my husband is not working and is “making” me work so he doesn’t have to take a job he doesn’ t like. Of course they don’t know all the details of our situation or that the bishop (let alone the Lord) are fully on board with our plan, but who needs facts when you’ve got interesting conjecture? It’s amusing that people have enough time on their hands to form judgments on people they don’t even know. Maybe they should get jobs.

I am honest when I say this doesn’t bother me, but it is interesting to juxtapose my role and mega-activity in E.Pas. with my fringe status here. I didn’t realize I was such a liberal–I was a conservative in LA., for heaven’s sake!

Just wait two weeks when David is assigned to teach on righteous justifications to go to war as stated in the scriptures, where we learn our current foreign policy is expressly forbidden in the BoM. We’re going to make a lot of friends with that one.

Today someone asked in Sunday School, “Who are some modern day Corihors?” (an anti-Christ in the Book of Mormon). And the first thing out of someone’s mouth was the name of a recent democratic mayor of SLC. Oh BROTHER.

On that note, everyone I’ve met here thinks global warming is a hoax. Does that mean miles of ice lost off Greenland and the poles is a hoax? Or sea level rise? It’s just weird. Sure, it’s been politicized and most proposed solutions are ineffective, but just saying it isn’t happening? That takes some real guts–or is it faith?

I saw The Dark Knight last night, you just can’t go wrong with Batman. It was an action-packed film with lots of ideas to think about in the battle between good and evil. The question is, can you actively attack and conquer evil without meeting it on it’s terms and becoming the evil you are fighting in order to win? Is there such a thing as attacking with goodness? In the global spiritual battle of good vs. evil, I’m thinking just being good and teaching good is the only weapon you can use that doesn’t require you to take on some evil yourself, you can’t actively go out and beat people over the head with goodness and make them good. The end result (of the film) was that the one doing the good thing will look to the world as if they are evil. There are many scriptures saying that will be true in the last days. It’s an interesting thing to think about.

How come thinking hard just brings one to more questions? Well, the good news is God is in charge and there for us in a very personal way in this crazy world. We just can’t get through this unscathed without Him. This is why the idea that we have a loving Heavenly Father who we can talk to anytime and anywhere is something we proselyte so heavily as a church–none of us are meant to go through this life alone. For that I am SO grateful.

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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    I must say you sound happy! There are few things better than going out to your own garden, picking your food fresh and then going inside and creating a delicious (and healthy) meal. Isn’t it awesome?

    That is too bad about the ladies in your ward – they are missing out on a truly wonderful person/family!

    Just to let you know, I tried the chocolate chip zucchini cookies recipe from Barbara Kingsolver’s wonderful book (Animal, Vegetable Miracle), and they were quite tasty! You should try them sometime with all that zucchini you have! I also had zucchini in my smoothie this morning – YUM!

    Are you guys going to be around on the 24th? Call me and hopefully we can arrange something!

    We are so glad that things are looking up for you guys.

  2. Diane and Andrew
    Diane and Andrew says:

    Your garden sounds so delicious!

    My sister has gone through a similar situation with work and I know how hard it is on her. I hope that things start to look up in that regard! We miss you here in our ward!


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