Long Day

I was told at 3:30 that there was a major wreck on the freeway between my work and my house that would take hours to clear. I was told when I got in the car that another wreck was on the freeway that runs parallel to that freeway right before they join heading toward my house. I spent over an hour going to every major North-South thoroughfare from the far West to the far East of the valley, and they were all dead stopped from SLC all the way up to Bountiful.

I scrounged $5 in nickels and ate in my car at Wendy’s. Everything was still blocked. I drove downtown again, everything still blocked. I resigned myself to not seeing my kids today and went to the Family History Center to work on my file until 8 p.m. It still took me an hour to get home because it wasn’t opened up very much where the wreck was after five hours.

As I drove home, I heard the news telling me about the earthquake in So Cal, and I pray for you guys that somehow that relieved some pressure and you’ll be safe for another 20 years. There was a big fire in the canyon above SLC I could see as I paced the roads. The smoke was pouring over the hill on to the traffic jam and over the wreck area. As I drove home past the refineries that separate SL from Davis counties, I looked through their smoke and smog right as the sun was going down in a dark red sky full of ruby and black thunderclouds. It was all very ominous.

Just as I got home, it was dark enough to put the chickens away–they were already asleep, with the regular two hens outside the door sleeping on the feedbox as usual (having jumped the fence as they do everyday). There was then a knock on the door and a little girl was looking for her brother. A boy from Ben’s primary class went for a bike ride a few hours ago and hasn’t come home or been seen since. I’m really scared about it, but just hoping he’s watching TV with some neighbor somewhere and lost track of time.

If you read this tonight, pray for him, will you?

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