My 101st Post

Highlights of today–found two (big) cucumbers I hadn’t seen before, the first, and ate one of them with salt on the spot. Came up with a good PR idea at work which people liked. Dreamed about how I want to start this or that business. Wrote several new blogs I never intend to start in my head. Listened to two full operas at work (we can have headphones), one of which brought me to tears. Found a new voice teacher for myself. Talked to some friends on the phone. Watched a flash-flood thunderstorm come down out the window at work. Ate sweets.

Downside was when Sophie dramatically and accusingly told me that she was forgetting she even has a mommy lately (yesterday I got another version of this statement from her), and when I came home David rushed downstairs to get some work done and I was left with three children fighting over my lap and crying for attention while Ben tried to talk over it to tell me about his day. Also, I ate sweets, and I’m up 10 lbs since moving here! I wanted to buy a cow, not be one!

Yesterday my friends the Hunters came over which was super fun–I love being in a place all my long-lost friends come to visit.

Things are good. My husband has the hardest part, because we both have identical income quotas and he has to make his while watching the kids all day and then working into the night. That’s modern living, I guess. He’s a good man.

PS. There was actually an article outing that funny blog I mentioned below, if you want to know who is really writing it.

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