‘Squito brew

Thanks so much to all of you for the advice. I’ll have to check out Cousin Lisa’s suggestions, and definitely need to get down to Ikea ASAP. I recently read a report discrediting skin so soft, and also two of the “natural” bug sprays, but who can believe anything anymore. I might as well try it–my backdoor neighbor sells the stuff.

So, here’s what I did last night. I found out there is no safe indoor substance for trapping/repelling mosquitos to be found in the standard retail establishment. But, I read that mosquitos hate catnip. I also remembered that my homemade bug spray for the garden is castile soap (same peppermint kind) with some cayenne pepper (and some mashed garlic–blend then strain through cloth). I went out to the garden, where I have PILES of wild catnip, picked two big handfuls of leaves and put them in a blender with some water, added cayenne pepper, strained, added soap and a bit more water to fill the bottle. It was way dark, vibrant green stuff and smelled half minty good and half weird and not good.

I sprayed all the kids walls and around their beds on a light mist (it is VERY green, so too much shows up). The aerosolized cayenne makes for a few minutes of coughing, I intelligently realized afterward. I also shot directly any mosquitoes I saw. If I saturated them, they died instantly, but they may have drowned. If I just persistently misted around where they were, several of them spiraled down, and if they didn’t die, they were too slow to fly away while I swatted them. It can’t be comfortable, it’s basically pepper spray for bugs.

At midnight I checked on the kids. Two mosquitos in Sophie’s room (last night was way more) and they were away from her bed on the other side of the room. Sprayed them. One mosquito in Ben’s room (way better than last night). Sprayed it. None in hallway, one my bedroom, sprayed.

I woke up hearing mosquito buzzing in the early morning. (BTW, that means that mosquito is VERY close to your ear.) I had only one new bite. Ben had only one new bite. I deemed the effort a success and sprayed around beds again tonight before bed.

Today we rose early and went boating with David’s brother Danny, his wife Jessica, Jessica’s sweet parents, Paw/Maw in Law, and David’s sis Karen (and daughter Morgan, just three weeks older than Noah–they look like twins). I’ve never ever been boating. I got dragged around by a boat on a tube and on a knee board (although I can’t honestly say I was on my knees for that one.) I didn’t dare try the skis. It was all fun and I have many bruises and aching muscles to prove it.

I had a nice talk with Jane, Jessica’s mother (and long time Jr. High principal), and it was refreshing to talk to someone that was so supportive of my working and positive about the good things. If I have to work, which I do, it gets old having everyone mourn over it like there’s been a death or something. It’s true, lots of good is definitely coming from this change and we all see it already. We all know it’s ideal for moms to be at home, but it doesn’t benefit me to lament that everyday. It was really nice to have her support, and hey, Jessica turned out very well, so I guess childrearing failure isn’t imminent after all.
Anyway, I swam in the lake, I sat on the shore and watched my kids make sandcastles. It was a fabulous, gorgeous day. We applied sunscreen twice and all have splotchy sunburns anyway in random places. We all had a ball, and the kids, having arisen very early, all crashed hard tonight. I’m ready to do the same.
I’ll try to do the pictures tomorrow. I owe you many.
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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    I may have to try that potion myself – Jim found a couple of those pesky bugs in our house last night. Thanks for the squash – we have enjoyed them – yummy! It was great seeing you guys too.


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