The Massacre that Didn’t Happen

I know several of you are waiting with excited horror for me to tell you how it is to murder chickens, but I manhandled a few on Friday (much to the affront of the chickens) and decided they are still too scrawny. We’re postponing harvest day to mid-August.

The weekend was, and likely will be in the future, just a yard frenzy of weeding, thinning the last batch of corn, and fencing a long row of tomatoes (thanks, mom!). I keep saying I’m going to thin the apple tree and plant one last batch of carrots, radishes and parsnips, but it’s not happening yet. The small garden is neglected and needs to be the weeding focus this week.

We have a working mower now, which makes everything look nice and provides me with lots of mulch and litter for the chickens. Even if you just container garden, I recommend signing up for the newsletters at for your region. (Thanks, Michele!)

I wasted much of Saturday breaking our front lawn sprinkler system then trying to fix it. One set didn’t work, I made it so it worked, but couldn’t be turned off and there were geysers everywhere. It ultimately was “fixed” back to the state we started in–they don’t work.

Saturday night I saw my sweet friend of 23 years, Janet, get married to Steven. She was gorgeous, it was a nice event at a country club up in the southeast corner of the SL valley. I feel that they will be happy, and I’m so glad.

The actual 4th was less Fourthy than the 28th–the kids melted down at a family BBQ and we had to take most of them home before fireworks. Ben and David enjoyed them, though.

My new life requires a very early bedtime and rise, so that will be it for now.

PS: You won’t believe the size of my zucchini plants!

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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Hey Valerie – do you have squash bugs? Do you know much about them? I need to pick your organic gardening brain about them if you do. Isn’t it amazing how fast the weeds grow!

  2. E-coach
    E-coach says:

    It was great seeing you and Dave at our wedding. I felt so beautiful (thanks for the compliment) and the event seemed like magic to me! I love being married (it’s been less than a week but still). Stephen is taking such good care of me.
    It meant a lot to see you there – I was surprised at how powerful it was. We must hang out soon.


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