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Thanks for your sweet comments. I’m excited. Choir starts tomorrow.

I’ve taken a hiatus lately from my political junkie habit, but I did read a good article I’d like to pass along.


You are well aware of the a tidy little story for the masses–that we know John McCain, the brave veteran and long-time senator, and we don’t know B. Hussein Obama–“Is he even 40 yet? Who IS this guy?” People keep putting out this message to create a sense of confusion and mistrust so we can make decisions on characatures of both created by talking heads, not on careful, in-depth study.

First, they are politicians, and mistrust should be par for the course either way.

Still, it’s time to share the mistrust. Maybe “POW Republican” is all you need to decide your vote, but here’s a little more well-researched background on the other guy we don’t know, Mr. McCain.

I have liked McCain for some time, although I still like Obama better. Until the general campaign began and everybody got to extreme pandering, I comforted myself knowing we’d be ok either way. But the man is forgetting basic facts, basic names, basic geography, let alone the details of our international relationships. It makes me very nervous.

Anyway, read it, you won’t die.

I’ve got to get back to tetrachords!

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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    Great article. And a very good question, why isn’t Obama so much further ahead in the poles, knowing that McCain is another 4 years of Bush policies?


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