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I found out there is a brand new county gym just mile or so from my work that charges $20 a month for a membership and includes a pool! I went today and it was pretty easy to do on my lunch hour. I’m excited. I’m not joining until after Jackson, though, since we’ll be out for a week. So excited!

Tonight I was on my nightly mosquito massacre (the swamp grass juice was making a mess of my walls and is only good for 36 hours before it reeks), and was thinking about how I went to bed at 1 a.m. and got up early and worked all day, doubled what I’d hoped to accomplish there, and worked out at lunch, came home and hung out with the kids and taught a voice lesson (love it!) and how I physically haven’t been feeling so great and that I should be miserable.

Yet, I feel like I could keep going for another four hours (and probably will), and am not sobbing in a pint of ice-cream as generally is my wont. I’ve been like this all week, and more like this over the past month. It is so curious. It could just be that I have a good job and have hope and enjoy how I spend my time, but I also was reminded of the blessing I received just before I started this job, that I would be given an extra measure of strength and shouldn’t underestimate myself. I can definitely witness to the truth of that–I’m a whole new person.

My co-workers were excited about being recipients of my spare zucchinis today. They are nice people. We’re all writers and designers and don’t need to collaborate much, so everyone just sits with headphones on all day in the dark (there are windows, but no one wants overhead lights because especially the artists need contrast of the screen). But sometimes we chat briefly, and they are all just really good people. Everyone I’ve met has been surprisingly normal and cool.

Every day I listen to hours of my favorite opera singers, and every day at some point I’m weeping over the gorgeousness of it. But it’s ok, because my desk faces the corner. Music is true ecstasy sometimes.

It feels good to be happy, and I know I have the Lord to thank for it. Of course we’re supposed to be able to be happy regardless of our circumstances, but for me, a little change in circumstances has made a huge difference.

Plus, my sweet friend Jen’s husband passed his dissertation defense this week–even with jerky and unreasonable professors! The Lord truly answers prayers!! Yay Jen, on to NH!


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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    It is amazing the things we can get done when we feel good about ourselves and the things that we do! Go Valerie! That gym sounds pretty cool and convenient. I am sure your coworkers are enjoying the fruits of your labor! By the way, that zucchini was great.


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