Despite the bee concerns, it seems every flower in the garden has a bee in it. This is a round zucchini plant, yummy for slicing and frying or for stuffing.

Children in the Corn: here’s Noah, but this pic is a few weeks old, the corn is much bigger now.

This is about a standard harvest every 3 days, in order L to R: Italian striped zucchini, round zucchini, hot peppers, yellow squash, cucumbers, lettuce, chard, red potatoes.

Here’s that pie I made way back when we picked the cherries

Ben, tie and pie.
The farm business really does help the kids learn to work–here they are shelling peas–they did a great job harvesting green beans on Saturday (about 4 gallons–my aunt picked the same amount last Saturday, and they are supposed to have a second batch of beans come on before the season ends.

Here is our stew pickings we foraged for on that Sunday a few weeks back, and below, the stew.

Yesterday our friends the Mosses came over for dinner. Carrie and I picked green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, basil, onion and potatoes and then came in and had pork chops (David’s contribution), smashed red potatoes, a zucchini/yellow squash/basil/onion/tomato stir fry, fresh white nectarines and creamed green beans. We never eat like that for some reason, it was truly amazing–and except for the pork, all from the garden. Next year it will be al of it, because David and two neighbor men are going to raise pigs. Hm. Oh, to hear one of my favorite songs ever, just go over and visit the Mosses blog.

Things are great–enjoying work, went to the gym every day during lunch, kids doing ok–I think a little unsettled again going from the week together camping to having everyone back to work.

I’m scheming and dreaming as usual, focusing on the goals I want to reach before 40 (3.5 years away), but the schemes are now ridiculous enough I can’t even blog about them. 🙂 I like aiming absurdly high–it’s exhilarating.

Tomorrow is the day all our major financial stress is supposed to end–everyone gets paid and the budget from here on out is positive–that’s definitely exciting, although it does sound like famous last words, doesn’t it?

Family night tip of the week–wow, we see so much better results if we have FHE during dinner! Everyone is quiet (eating), and relatively listening. Our last FHE was the first one I can recall where we actually felt the Spirit and things went like they are “supposed to.” Ben gave the lesson–it was just great.

I’m nervous for school starting–four kids in four different places–the homework thing. We’re starting some music lessons and sports on top of everything. But, I’m trying to prepare and live in the now. Still haven’t nailed down a school for Noah, but everyone else is pretty much taken care of.

Despite the FISA and the retarded Cap-n-Trade plan my Obama shares with McCain, he’s still my favorite. I realized when I got mad about FISA and took him off my blog some thought he no longer had my vote. ‘Tis not so, I’m still reading heavily on it all, and I guess he can’t please me on everything.

David taught Gospel Doctrine today and topic was war–he did such a great job. I thought it would be more touchy than it was, but he was able to make some good, scripturally-based bipartisan points. There were a few wacky comments, but overall it was a great meeting and everyone gave great feedback. I realized today that on the days I don’t have to play for primary I enjoy the ward and church better. I’m grateful that it is an alternating week schedule, because I also like playing piano.

Tonight I finished my very first hymn arrangement–a duet of “In Humility” (272). My cousin wanted to sing it together in church and I’ve never seen an arrangement of it. I am so happy with how it turned out! Turns out it probably doesn’t have arrangements around because that particular song doesn’t allow stuff like that without permission. I just may send it in and ask for permission to post it free on the web, however, I don’t feel bad just using it for one Sac. Mtg. It was very rewarding and educational for me.

Sorry this is random. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pics I’ve been promising for so long.


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