Calling all tomato lovers in Utah!

I mistakenly planted literally 30+ cherry tomato plants–pale yellow, yellow pear, butter yellow, orange, super orange, and plenty of red. They are gorgeous and yummy. Please come to my house and pick and eat them whenever you want.

This morning, other people we know had no problem with WaMu accounts, so we are wondering if he was placed on fraud alert because he’s spending money in four different states, some of which on the same day.

Still, it was freaky. And it is. But isn’t it nice that with modern science and whatnot we can have our banks fail and not even feel it? Gosh, I’m sure everything is going to be just fine, aren’t you?

Well, here it is.

I decide to log on quick tonight and see the news on the bailout negotiations. I see an 8-minute-old article that says WaMu has failed and been seized by the government. I just put in David’s paycheck today.

I go in and use bill pay to pay everything that needs to be paid.

I call David in Florida and tell him to get the rest out of the ATM.

The WaMu ATM says no.

The bank across the street’s ATM says, “Bank routing number not found.”

What is that old proverb?

“May you live in interesting times.”

Another epiphany and clarification II

First, I got a great email from my friend Lisa who challenged my “sins of the left” vs. “sins of the right” claim because the subtle yet dramatic sexualization of our culture and the decline of the family is worse than financial oppression. It took me a very long letter to my friend Lisa to realize exactly what I really thought on the matter.

(Sorry, my friend, but our relationship is sustained almost entirely by friendly political debate, which gives you the less-filtered email version!–oh, and I changed my preferences, FYI, so you can comment.)

I went on and on about all the abominations of the right (not the voters, the politicians) far beyond financial matters, and in my mind, more evil (think murder, violence, torture, secret abominations, hubris, grinding the faces of the poor and the destruction of millions of families at home and abroad). I’ll spare you the details of that (for now). Note the fancy new quote widgets for context.

In the end, I realized that I sincerely believe the “sins of the left” — let’s just say it–abortion and same sex marriage — simply do not have political solutions, only spiritual ones.

On the other hand, whether it is true or not, I believe that the “sins of the right” also involve murder of innocents and brutally attack the family, yet they still do have some room to be solved politically. So that’s how I vote.

And a tangent: When it comes to the decline of the family, it’s not just at the feet of same-sex marriage. It is at the feet of divorce, selfishness and the idea that marriage is passe. It’s at the feet of people who think that the idea that a child needs a father and a mother is outdated, not a true psychological and spiritual need. People of every persuasion have come to feel that marriage is not a social entity at all, just a fuzzy happy place about love and whatnot.

The fact is, marriage, from a legal, economic, historical, social and spiritual standpoint, is an office with a function far beyond warm fuzzies and the couple itself. Because of that, the damage done on the same sex side is being handily matched by the heteros.

So, there’s that. Oh, I love having a place I can talk crazy talk.

And the clarification: It was implied when I said that I knew civilation would collapse without the bailout that the flipside of that would be that I believed it would not collapse with the bailout. Not so. I think it’s likely to collapse either way.

It just smells SO fishy. W, who has had no shame in making hasty and self-serving decisions in the name of urgency, has a record of this, and he is soon to be out of office. “Hurry! No questions! No time for checks and balances! Just hand me the money! Hurry, don’t ask, don’t wait, just hurry and give me what I want, or we will all be in breadlines by Christmas!”

Maybe he understands we will all be in breadlines by Christmas regardless, and he just wants to make sure he and his buddies get a little stashed away.

They are selling the taxpayer bad debt and telling us we’ll get a great return on our investment. Put simply, if that were true, then the firms would keep those debts, wouldn’t they?

The American people vastly oppose this–yet the leadership says it must and will happen. It’s going to be interesting.

In other news, David’s out of town and the crazy 16 hour days from day care drop off through very busy work and driving and pickups and dinner, and errands, and teaching students, and bedtime–it is seriously crazy. With this schedule, I have no license to rant to my blog or Lisa on these things, yet I also have no husband to rant to (when he’s home, every night consists exchanges of, “OMGosh, did you HEAR what happened TODAY?!!”, “Wow! NO, but did YOU hear . . . “)

If I don’t get it out, I might head might explode. I’ve never been so riled up about politics in my life.

I’m off to bed to dream of crumbling economic infrastructure.

Garden Bomb and a Clarification

I went out and picked for 90 minutes on Saturday and had LOADs of squash and tomatoes. It is insane. I took 30 lbs of squash to work today to give away. Crazy times. Oh, I also had very sore glutes.

Let the record show that as much as I hate this bailout, I do recognize that our economy will collapse without it. It’s a sad day when you need to give millionaires piles of fake money while the people increasingly fall behind financially just to make sure that civilization doesn’t collapse.

Granted, I am not in love with all Obama’s answers. But you are smoking something if you really think McCain is offering anything but essentially a third Bush term. But hey, maybe that’s your thing, and it’s America.

It’s hard to see any facts with all the smack talk, but if you’re open to a quick rundown of issues with serious moral concern, read a bit here.

One last thought–I think I have finally put my finger on why I favor the sins of the left over the sins of the right. The sins of the left are in supporting and defending poor choices that result in horrible things. In the end, the people make the awful choices because they want to make them, and the left condones that, and those choices have large a societal impact. Yet, the sins of the right are to me more sinister, in orchestrating and allowing horrible things (financial, military, and corporate needs over health and safety of individuals) that sweepingly effect us without us ever having a choice in the matter at all.

It’s a sad choice, but to me, the latter is a much greater evil, because it is conducted at the expense of the people and we can do nothing, and often most people know nothing about it. At least with the evils of the left, we can not make those bad choices ourselves, share our beliefs with others, and use the gospel to change hearts since the laws won’t change behaviors.

I really can’t apologize for political tangents. It’s my blog for heaven’s sake. Where else does one vent their political outrage?

I saw Ghost Town with David on Saturday night–totally funny and refreshingly unpredictable most of the time. Very good date movie.

DJ S-Wade, email me about your Tri plans, I am so psyched you are doing that! If I wasn’t so mad at you for not visiting us when you came, I’d totally give you five.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments, it’s nice to know that even though I never socialize or talk to anyone, I secretly have friends.

I’ll aim again for writing Sunday.

Trying for weekly, really!

Well, this is last Sunday’s post. It’s been for the best that I haven’t posted, because almost everything in my head consists of very angry political rants. So, let’s stick to the family, shall we?

David is now working 20-30 hours a week pro bono for the Utah Federal Public Defender. They petitioned to allow him a waiver to practice with his CA license for a year (he takes the Utah Bar in February). He has been sworn in by the court, has clients, has a legal assistant, and has already made appearances. He is thrilled and absolutely loves it. The whole situation is rife with opportunities for the future, references and contacts, and he’s getting to do things he always wanted to. Today he got to talk to a real live bank robber! I guess that type of thing will get less exciting with time.

Ben loves school. Can you believe it? After everything we’ve been through the last two years? He has a great, experienced teacher, he’s learning so well. He already graduated from phonics and was put in the Latin class. He loves words. He loves the order and structure of the school also. I drive him and my friend Elaine’s kids in on my way to work (It’s just at the foot of Capitol Hill), so I get some brief alone time with him then we all listen to and discuss a Book of Mormon Chapter. It’s a great way to start the day.

Sophie is loving school also, and always carefully refers to “my teacher” (never “grandma”). She seems happy and is reading well. We’ve been reading Little House lately again, and she’s really enjoying it. She’s at the school fair with Dad, Ben and Noah right now.

Noah LOVES his preschool, which is T and TH mornings. He goes to Elaine’s MWF and Thursday afternoons and Kims on Tuesday. It is a lot of juggling for a little guy, and although he loves Lincoln (Elaine’s son) he’s still sad sometimes about missing his family. I miss him a lot too. I was home sick yesterday from work and we had a wonderful (although horizontal) one-on-one day together with lots of books, TV, baths, and snacks. I hope my time away from him full time isn’t too long, he is at such a wonderful age.

Lucy also seems to like her daycare, a few houses down the street. She loves the dog “Sassy” and has been talking up a storm all of a sudden since she started. Although her main phrase, since she has a constant diaper rash, is “Bum huwt!” She is just a sweet thing. Again, she’s so young, I hope to not miss much. We really only have 2 hours a day, and on Tuesdays with choir, I don’t see her for 36 hours straight.

Work is going well. I got the company listed on the Utah 100 and had a press release widely picked up this last week. I have some things in the fire, but no leads yet (I’m supposed to get 110 a month!) Were starting to make headway there on the branding side, though.

Choir is great and hard and fun. Brett and I agree seeing each other weekly is “odd.” But we don’t always talk, which is fine. I just started studying with the associate choir director, Jane Fjeldsted, and she’s just amazing, and seems to understand what I’m trying to do with my life, as it follows a lot of what she felt like she was supposed to do. She’s a blessing. The music is very cool.

On that note, I have tickets for our fall concert, which is super intense and amazing, with songs in African, Philipino, Japanese, Tongan, Latin–maybe some English thrown in. But it isn’t boring stuff, there are drums and live African dancers–like I said, very intense and cool. I need to sell at least 4 season tickets (4 shows–looking at you, mom and Paw/Maw-in-Law) and 10 others for October. Donations are also needed, as this choir, although it has a very famous, talented director, lives in the shadow of a certain other large choir, which will remain nameless, but happens to be funded by a multi-million dollar organization, so expectations for choirs are high, but our funding is not quite on par with that.

See the show details here. Ticket prices are cheaper if you get them from me–$15 for one show, I think $45 for season.

So, if you live here, please buy a ticket for my choir performance in October. I have just a week or two to sell them, so call me!

Life is pretty good, so very, very busy, but with good stuff. My house is a total mess, which stresses me. And if my garden was this neglected three months ago, nothing would have grown. But I’m still getting tons of corn, squash and tomatoes, now melons even. I know yield would have been even better if I’d had the time in the last month, but I’m fine with that.

Ok, I can’t help myself, I just have to get it out. Silly Paylin was making me insane, retarded political banter was making me insane, and now this bailout is making me literally insane.

This huge bailout is handily giving the taxpayer all the irresponsible institutions’ bad debt. They say it’s for the people, that if the stock market collapses, the people will suffer. That is true to some extent, but it isn’t really for the people at all. And we will suffer anyway, both long and short term. Because of this bail out, and because of what led to it.

They are now simply printing fake money, pushing off the bubble bursting, but only making it bigger when it happens. And while the financial industry touts free market and deregulation in good times, they are now part of the most overarching socialization of our economy that has ever been perpetrated on the American people. It may put off the disaster we earned from irresponsibility, but it won’t avoid it.

Meanwhile, single working moms and unemployed dads are told they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and be responsible for themselves, yet if you are on wall street you can step right up to the free money, and the taxpayer will foot the bill.

I’ve never been so angry at our government in my life, and can’t imagine that this sham is going to go over in the name of our protection–there should be riots in the streets–but wait–there’s something good on TV . . .

The Great Chicken Massacre of 2008

Well, it was really only six roosters. It appears that 3 of my 10 layers are probably roosters, so I kept all 4 female fryers alive. It was much easier this time around. David took an idea from a guy at my work and we still used the “killing cone” but we used large pruning shears first, which broke the neck and got them dead fast and then finished off with a knife. I tried to pluck one, which looks nice in the end, but took so long I said bag it and had David skin the rest. It was a better division of labor, he said, for him to kill and skin and for me to gut. It took way longer than a respectable person should take, but since he put them on ice after skinning, I had to gut cold chickens, which was SO much better psychologically than warm ones.

I eat less meat all around now since that first chicken murder, but suffice it to say that I’m fine with killing and cleaning chickens now (and probably most animals of similar size), which is a skill that may come in handy sometime, who knows.

Mom helped pick lots of garden stuff and I have 10 pounds of cherry tomatoes because I didn’t plan well.

For dinner Saturday, we had a chowder with corn (neighbors who apparently didn’t see my corn field), potatoes and onions (my garden) and brocolli (Costco) with zucchini banana bread (my garden and a facist banana republic governing oppressed workers with the Chiquita militia, respectively). We were proud of our #7 produce count for one meal.

The doctor told my on Friday I will probably need a hysterectomy this year. Any wise advice on that is welcome.

Michele asked what race I was preparing for–the answer is a sprint triathlon (or, the sissy triathlon). I already do almost the equivalent over three days but I’m moving toward doing them all on one day in less than 90 minutes.

  • Swim: 750 m(0.5 mi) (I currently can do 900 in 30 minutes)
  • Bike: 20 km(12.4 mi) (I am not quite there yet because my lunch hour is too short and I am too slow and stationary bikes are dumb, and I need to get me a real bike)
  • Run: 5 km (3.2 mi) (I’m slow because I can’t run yet and have to walk, but I can do it in 50 minutes).

It’s good times. I want to be able to do this in one day, even if it just on my own, before I have to go get cut open.

So the funny choir story. When David was on a mission I dated a very nice guy for 9 months named Brett. He was very complimentary and, let’s just say it, fawning, and even though if the record was read back it would be clear I told him repeatedly that I really felt I needed to be with David, my actions spoke otherwise because of my own selfish need to have a nice guy fawn on me. Plus, he really was a good friend and I liked him. Just not in the irrational, apparently eternal infatuation-style way I liked/like my totally grumpy and un-fawning David.

So, this went on until the Wednesday before the Saturday David got home, when I was visiting him in Provo and just woke up and said, “Crap, I gotta go.”

I drove away, never spoke to him again, was married two months later, I heard gruesome reports on the results of my horrible handling of the situation, and learned in 2000 that he had never married.

So, the funny story–you saw it coming–yup, he’s in my choir. I’ll see him every week now–and he’s a baritone and I’m a SII, so we literally face each other the whole time in the U-shaped room.

The good news: he did finally get married three years ago. He has a 22 YO stepson and no children.

I saw him and after an initial, “Oh crap!” I just went up on the break and said, “Hey, we gonna talk and be friends or would you rather not?” He stared at me in confusion then horror (have I changed that much? He didn’t recognize me!), then he quickly covered with friendliness. We parted, then I realized he was absent the next 20 minutes of practice. Then, in an attempt to get it all laid out then and not drag things on, I asked him to talk with me a few minutes after practice to make sure it would all be cool with our weekly seeing each other and whatnot. He was nice and chatty and offered me a nice platonic yet snug hug, which was strangely familiar despite the years. Fifteen years is enough for him to get over me being a total self-absorbed @$#* and completely messing with his head and life, right? I know a good week is enough to get over me, but to get over the leavings of my evilness?


Life is stranger than fiction.

David says I can still go to choir, he just doesn’t want to ever meet this person.

Well, back to a crazy busy week. Manic ambition is a slave driver.

Still here

Hi, I’m still alive, things are great, super busy from pre-dawn until well after dusk–more like midnight. I’m loving work, it’s going well, I’m training for a race during lunch hours. I’m studying choir like crazy, my choir is so challenging, I love it–all African, Latin, Philipino, Tongan and Japanese. I have a funny story to tell you about that, but my blogging time these days is taken up with actually speaking to my husband, which is sadly rare. This post took place during a quick break he took to get his dinner out of the oven. He’s on the stairs, so I’m out.