Another epiphany and clarification II

First, I got a great email from my friend Lisa who challenged my “sins of the left” vs. “sins of the right” claim because the subtle yet dramatic sexualization of our culture and the decline of the family is worse than financial oppression. It took me a very long letter to my friend Lisa to realize exactly what I really thought on the matter.

(Sorry, my friend, but our relationship is sustained almost entirely by friendly political debate, which gives you the less-filtered email version!–oh, and I changed my preferences, FYI, so you can comment.)

I went on and on about all the abominations of the right (not the voters, the politicians) far beyond financial matters, and in my mind, more evil (think murder, violence, torture, secret abominations, hubris, grinding the faces of the poor and the destruction of millions of families at home and abroad). I’ll spare you the details of that (for now). Note the fancy new quote widgets for context.

In the end, I realized that I sincerely believe the “sins of the left” — let’s just say it–abortion and same sex marriage — simply do not have political solutions, only spiritual ones.

On the other hand, whether it is true or not, I believe that the “sins of the right” also involve murder of innocents and brutally attack the family, yet they still do have some room to be solved politically. So that’s how I vote.

And a tangent: When it comes to the decline of the family, it’s not just at the feet of same-sex marriage. It is at the feet of divorce, selfishness and the idea that marriage is passe. It’s at the feet of people who think that the idea that a child needs a father and a mother is outdated, not a true psychological and spiritual need. People of every persuasion have come to feel that marriage is not a social entity at all, just a fuzzy happy place about love and whatnot.

The fact is, marriage, from a legal, economic, historical, social and spiritual standpoint, is an office with a function far beyond warm fuzzies and the couple itself. Because of that, the damage done on the same sex side is being handily matched by the heteros.

So, there’s that. Oh, I love having a place I can talk crazy talk.

And the clarification: It was implied when I said that I knew civilation would collapse without the bailout that the flipside of that would be that I believed it would not collapse with the bailout. Not so. I think it’s likely to collapse either way.

It just smells SO fishy. W, who has had no shame in making hasty and self-serving decisions in the name of urgency, has a record of this, and he is soon to be out of office. “Hurry! No questions! No time for checks and balances! Just hand me the money! Hurry, don’t ask, don’t wait, just hurry and give me what I want, or we will all be in breadlines by Christmas!”

Maybe he understands we will all be in breadlines by Christmas regardless, and he just wants to make sure he and his buddies get a little stashed away.

They are selling the taxpayer bad debt and telling us we’ll get a great return on our investment. Put simply, if that were true, then the firms would keep those debts, wouldn’t they?

The American people vastly oppose this–yet the leadership says it must and will happen. It’s going to be interesting.

In other news, David’s out of town and the crazy 16 hour days from day care drop off through very busy work and driving and pickups and dinner, and errands, and teaching students, and bedtime–it is seriously crazy. With this schedule, I have no license to rant to my blog or Lisa on these things, yet I also have no husband to rant to (when he’s home, every night consists exchanges of, “OMGosh, did you HEAR what happened TODAY?!!”, “Wow! NO, but did YOU hear . . . “)

If I don’t get it out, I might head might explode. I’ve never been so riled up about politics in my life.

I’m off to bed to dream of crumbling economic infrastructure.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I want you to know that you mean more to me than a person to talk politics with. That just seems to be when I get riled enough to write. 🙂
    I have so much more I want to say, but I think I’ll hold off for now. I can see that we are just cementing eachother’s views. Just know that I do not claim, nor will I ever that right=right.


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