Garden Bomb and a Clarification

I went out and picked for 90 minutes on Saturday and had LOADs of squash and tomatoes. It is insane. I took 30 lbs of squash to work today to give away. Crazy times. Oh, I also had very sore glutes.

Let the record show that as much as I hate this bailout, I do recognize that our economy will collapse without it. It’s a sad day when you need to give millionaires piles of fake money while the people increasingly fall behind financially just to make sure that civilization doesn’t collapse.

Granted, I am not in love with all Obama’s answers. But you are smoking something if you really think McCain is offering anything but essentially a third Bush term. But hey, maybe that’s your thing, and it’s America.

It’s hard to see any facts with all the smack talk, but if you’re open to a quick rundown of issues with serious moral concern, read a bit here.

One last thought–I think I have finally put my finger on why I favor the sins of the left over the sins of the right. The sins of the left are in supporting and defending poor choices that result in horrible things. In the end, the people make the awful choices because they want to make them, and the left condones that, and those choices have large a societal impact. Yet, the sins of the right are to me more sinister, in orchestrating and allowing horrible things (financial, military, and corporate needs over health and safety of individuals) that sweepingly effect us without us ever having a choice in the matter at all.

It’s a sad choice, but to me, the latter is a much greater evil, because it is conducted at the expense of the people and we can do nothing, and often most people know nothing about it. At least with the evils of the left, we can not make those bad choices ourselves, share our beliefs with others, and use the gospel to change hearts since the laws won’t change behaviors.

I really can’t apologize for political tangents. It’s my blog for heaven’s sake. Where else does one vent their political outrage?

I saw Ghost Town with David on Saturday night–totally funny and refreshingly unpredictable most of the time. Very good date movie.

DJ S-Wade, email me about your Tri plans, I am so psyched you are doing that! If I wasn’t so mad at you for not visiting us when you came, I’d totally give you five.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments, it’s nice to know that even though I never socialize or talk to anyone, I secretly have friends.

I’ll aim again for writing Sunday.

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  1. KathKarol
    KathKarol says:

    I know Val…the chamberlains suck, but you know we still love you and think of you all the time. Especially in the fall. It always reminds me of going to underwood farms with you. Wade is lookin smokin hot by the way…he has lost 80lbs!!!! I am so proud of him. Also, will you please run for pres of this country. You rock.

    ps Will you text me your email address when you get a minute? I don’t have it anymore for some reason.

  2. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Love that you are getting so much in your garden. When do you guys want to come down and have dinner, etc.? I know your schedule is super busy – just let us know. You DO rock!


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