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Hi, I’m still alive, things are great, super busy from pre-dawn until well after dusk–more like midnight. I’m loving work, it’s going well, I’m training for a race during lunch hours. I’m studying choir like crazy, my choir is so challenging, I love it–all African, Latin, Philipino, Tongan and Japanese. I have a funny story to tell you about that, but my blogging time these days is taken up with actually speaking to my husband, which is sadly rare. This post took place during a quick break he took to get his dinner out of the oven. He’s on the stairs, so I’m out.

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  1. KathKarol
    KathKarol says:

    I’m so happy for you Val, it sounds like you are just where you should be. When you have time will you tune me in on what politics you are reading. I always like the articles you post. They help keep me in the know.


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