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Well, this is last Sunday’s post. It’s been for the best that I haven’t posted, because almost everything in my head consists of very angry political rants. So, let’s stick to the family, shall we?

David is now working 20-30 hours a week pro bono for the Utah Federal Public Defender. They petitioned to allow him a waiver to practice with his CA license for a year (he takes the Utah Bar in February). He has been sworn in by the court, has clients, has a legal assistant, and has already made appearances. He is thrilled and absolutely loves it. The whole situation is rife with opportunities for the future, references and contacts, and he’s getting to do things he always wanted to. Today he got to talk to a real live bank robber! I guess that type of thing will get less exciting with time.

Ben loves school. Can you believe it? After everything we’ve been through the last two years? He has a great, experienced teacher, he’s learning so well. He already graduated from phonics and was put in the Latin class. He loves words. He loves the order and structure of the school also. I drive him and my friend Elaine’s kids in on my way to work (It’s just at the foot of Capitol Hill), so I get some brief alone time with him then we all listen to and discuss a Book of Mormon Chapter. It’s a great way to start the day.

Sophie is loving school also, and always carefully refers to “my teacher” (never “grandma”). She seems happy and is reading well. We’ve been reading Little House lately again, and she’s really enjoying it. She’s at the school fair with Dad, Ben and Noah right now.

Noah LOVES his preschool, which is T and TH mornings. He goes to Elaine’s MWF and Thursday afternoons and Kims on Tuesday. It is a lot of juggling for a little guy, and although he loves Lincoln (Elaine’s son) he’s still sad sometimes about missing his family. I miss him a lot too. I was home sick yesterday from work and we had a wonderful (although horizontal) one-on-one day together with lots of books, TV, baths, and snacks. I hope my time away from him full time isn’t too long, he is at such a wonderful age.

Lucy also seems to like her daycare, a few houses down the street. She loves the dog “Sassy” and has been talking up a storm all of a sudden since she started. Although her main phrase, since she has a constant diaper rash, is “Bum huwt!” She is just a sweet thing. Again, she’s so young, I hope to not miss much. We really only have 2 hours a day, and on Tuesdays with choir, I don’t see her for 36 hours straight.

Work is going well. I got the company listed on the Utah 100 and had a press release widely picked up this last week. I have some things in the fire, but no leads yet (I’m supposed to get 110 a month!) Were starting to make headway there on the branding side, though.

Choir is great and hard and fun. Brett and I agree seeing each other weekly is “odd.” But we don’t always talk, which is fine. I just started studying with the associate choir director, Jane Fjeldsted, and she’s just amazing, and seems to understand what I’m trying to do with my life, as it follows a lot of what she felt like she was supposed to do. She’s a blessing. The music is very cool.

On that note, I have tickets for our fall concert, which is super intense and amazing, with songs in African, Philipino, Japanese, Tongan, Latin–maybe some English thrown in. But it isn’t boring stuff, there are drums and live African dancers–like I said, very intense and cool. I need to sell at least 4 season tickets (4 shows–looking at you, mom and Paw/Maw-in-Law) and 10 others for October. Donations are also needed, as this choir, although it has a very famous, talented director, lives in the shadow of a certain other large choir, which will remain nameless, but happens to be funded by a multi-million dollar organization, so expectations for choirs are high, but our funding is not quite on par with that.

See the show details here. Ticket prices are cheaper if you get them from me–$15 for one show, I think $45 for season.

So, if you live here, please buy a ticket for my choir performance in October. I have just a week or two to sell them, so call me!

Life is pretty good, so very, very busy, but with good stuff. My house is a total mess, which stresses me. And if my garden was this neglected three months ago, nothing would have grown. But I’m still getting tons of corn, squash and tomatoes, now melons even. I know yield would have been even better if I’d had the time in the last month, but I’m fine with that.

Ok, I can’t help myself, I just have to get it out. Silly Paylin was making me insane, retarded political banter was making me insane, and now this bailout is making me literally insane.

This huge bailout is handily giving the taxpayer all the irresponsible institutions’ bad debt. They say it’s for the people, that if the stock market collapses, the people will suffer. That is true to some extent, but it isn’t really for the people at all. And we will suffer anyway, both long and short term. Because of this bail out, and because of what led to it.

They are now simply printing fake money, pushing off the bubble bursting, but only making it bigger when it happens. And while the financial industry touts free market and deregulation in good times, they are now part of the most overarching socialization of our economy that has ever been perpetrated on the American people. It may put off the disaster we earned from irresponsibility, but it won’t avoid it.

Meanwhile, single working moms and unemployed dads are told they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and be responsible for themselves, yet if you are on wall street you can step right up to the free money, and the taxpayer will foot the bill.

I’ve never been so angry at our government in my life, and can’t imagine that this sham is going to go over in the name of our protection–there should be riots in the streets–but wait–there’s something good on TV . . .

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    WOW… look how well Valerie is.. your writing was so up and energetic.. and lively..(and political :] ) love hearing that side of you… your kids are thriving….. and taken care of .. wish i could hear little Lucy talking..glad Dave is getting his toes wet in the legal world… and soo happy to hear Ben likes school… I will pray that his joy at school continues..
    you sound great Valerie… keep on keepin’on…guess the move WAS the right thing to do for all of you… and I miss you all…
    love to you and your family

  2. Jen
    Jen says:

    How things change in our lives so quickly. It all sounds great. And glad to read about politics again, too. You say things so well! Mark and I have had many similar conversations, actually just tonight. We’re bailing out rich corrupt investors at a cost that is too high for anyone to really understand. Where can our economy go from here?


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