It is so fun to start seeing the leaves turn everywhere and the mountains turn red. I have a tree in my backyard that has bright green, yellow, orange and red all mixed in on the same tree! I know, it’s picture time.

The garden is shamefully overgrown, but it’s at the end, so I don’t feel so bad. The squash are all wrapping up, still lots of tomatoes coming on. After 5 days ignoring the garden I found zucchinis the size of small children. Sadly, some corn is going to waste, but I might make corn bread out of it. Some melons are still coming on too.

I canned 23 quarts of peaches on Monday night, was up until 1:30 a.m. with my mom (thanks, mom!). Thanks also to my aunt who got them for me from a farm in Provo. Diane, you were right, canning is way easier than I thought.

This weekend I will finally get to the plum jam, they’re all picked and pitted and in the fridge. I picked my last fruit tree this week–the pears, and will be canning them also this weekend hopefully. David has planned to finally get the chicken coop run done (complete with top) so the free-range days will be over.

And guess what I found in the coop today!? Eggs! 9 or so. I thought they’d wait until spring, but apparently they’ll do a bit already. Wow. The coop needs cleaning out and the nests especially, which are basically full of dried poop–it will be great for the garden, though.

I SO need a tractor.

Work is going great, we have monthly reviews there–crazy, huh?– and everyone is happy with me. But every day it is more clear that me being gone all day is just not working for the family, Noah especially, but Lucy for sure and even Ben and Sophie have issues. And while tons of people work and say, “They’ll get used to it.” I think, “Do I want them to get used to the idea that I won’t be here for them?”

I am praying very hard that my work will be flexible with me after the new year and let me work from home half time. I know my kids well and I don’t have to wait for someone to have a breakdown or need therapy before I can see that it is not in their best interest to have this situation long term.

Still, I love the job, I need the money, and I hope to stay there a good long time, so let’s hope they’ll work with me.

Dave’s pro bono job is going well, but he already is looking forward to the day that he’ll have one job and not two. We are stressed about the bar and related matters, but it looks like they may be hiring next year, so if we can get the bar thing done, I think his chances are good. I can’t go into much detail, but I really need your prayers here.

Singing like crazy–the concert is Oct 18th and I have practices two nights a week until then. I also started lessons with the conductor’s wife–totally a coincidence, I’d asked her about taking me on before I even knew about the choir, she’s a U of U voice professor. She was wonderful and supportive and seemed very hopeful that I could get my game back on. I go during lunch, so I have to skip the workout every other Thursday.

Things are good, but the house is totally falling to pieces. What a state things are in!

Well, off to bed!

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  1. dcr
    dcr says:

    congratulations on the peaches, val! as for the plum jam, just throw EVERYTHING in the pan and cook away. don’t bother peeling, juicing, etc. that’s too much work! the jam tastes really good with the skins! and i love your remark about zucchini the size of small children. kisses to ben for me, okay? diane

  2. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Nice work on your garden. Eggs! Hooray. That is so cool too. I am happy that you are still enjoying work and singing and such. Hope you were able to catch some of conference this weekend. You guys are hard workers! We wish we could see you guys more often.


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