My Favorite Quagmire of Partisanship

Like my friend Lisa, as much as I vent my thoughts out here on the blog about the election, I am in knots over it and also can’t wait until it, and its forboding aftermath, is over. I am not sure, but I think I may have finally got all my political angst out of my system in all these long-winded posts and hopefully now I can go back to whatever else it is I use my blog for.

But before I make a lame attempt to swear off of politics, I’ll introduce you to as a fun place to go if you are a politico-junkie to any degree. It cumulates all polls, both state and national, it gives you the interactive maps and it has loads of featured articles that will make lefties and righties both scream “bias!” The articles are from papers and online sources all over the web from varying viewpoints–left, right and center. It’s good stuff if you are willing to read both sides.

DISCLAIMER: Although I think it is obvious, I somehow feel the need to make the disclaimer that I am stating entirely my own opinions here on this blog–the facts I choose to share are the ones I personally believe to be true. I reserve the right to rant, to assume, to speculate, to be angry, sometimes be irrational and snarky, and sometimes be wrong all together. This blog is cheaper than therapy, although not much less self-indulgent, and heaven knows I need a little therapy these days.

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