Socialism & Taxes

You knew I lied when I said I thought I might be done talking politics.  At the time, I didn’t.  It was late at night and I felt so tired I thought I’d never have the energy to think about it again. 


But, for the sake of the archive (because I’m soon going to print this and need a comprehensive volume so my kids can see how crazy their mom was), long ago when I wanted to blog and didn’t know about the secret email address, I read this great article that really sold me on taxes.  The jist of it was that taxes are an investment in our common future, it is the way we literally support the troops–taxes are the way we train, arm, care for and support our troops and military families. Taxes pay for the police, firefighters, teachers and civil servants. Taxes build highways, bridges, tunnels and prepare a future for our children.


In short, taxes are not evil. They build our communities and our nation.  Yes, the tax system is illogical and unfair and yes, tax money is used irresponsibly.  I liked that article, I wish I could find it again for you.


But let’s move on to the sin that has replaced taxation.


About that time a friend asked me to give her a reply to send to some “Obama’s a militant socialism Muslim” email spam she received.  Since my day job is to write stuff all day, it is in my nature to be happy to be the outsourced option for people’s personal communications (seriously, people here at work ask me to write emails for them—I can’t say that is a testament to my talents as much as a testament to well-intended laziness).


I will spare you the full response, but will give you an excerpt.  I’ll warn you that I got a little angry so I may seem a little aggressive, but if you read carefully, you’ll also see why I say I’m secretly a conservative:


Don’t you think it strange that the Republican president just last week oversaw the largest socialization effort this country has ever seen?   (So if a few poor people get a handout after all those banks, what can it hurt?)  People call the left the “tax and spend” crowd, but the right has proven to be a “borrow and spend” crowd, so instead of paying our own expenditures and obligations with taxes, we are now subject to our debtors, ironically, China, Dubai, the Saudis–among many others.  Those socialists, communists and Muslims you find so scary actually have increasingly owned this country to the point they could shut us down in a heartbeat without a single weapon should they choose to do so, and not because of some fake Muslim candidate, but because of how W has sold us in the 8 years.  We have literally been sold to the highest bidder, right under our noses.  Now that’s is what is really scary.


Now, I’ll be open and tell you that my family’s tax burden has literally kicked us in the @$$ the past three years and I won’t be stretching too far to say it has seriously messed with our lives.  Nonetheless, although obviously my first choice would be the impossible dream of responsible government spending only for necessities, I would rather be taxed for our nation’s needs than indebted to other countries—many of which we do not even consider allies, only creditors.


As you know, recently McCain has been playing the socialism and tax cards.  In a recent interview he decried the idea of people who have more paying more taxes as socialist “spreading the wealth around.”  The anchor asked if the government bailout of the banks wasn’t clearly socialism?  He responded, “Well, you know, these very difficult economic times and unusual circumstances.”  


Yes, they are John.  But not just for banks.


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