When Calm Makes Us Nervous

An interesting article today in the Times comparing this campaign to the duel in Paradise Lost–i ends by saying, “Last Wednesday, campaigning in New Hampshire, [McCain] spoke sneeringly about Obama’s campaign being “disciplined and careful.”

Aren’t these the fundamental puritan values of this nation? Since when is this a failing?

Well, maybe it was when these stopped being our nation’s values. In a loud and melodramatic world, I have friends who distrust “No-Drama-Obama not because of the crazy claims people make about him, but of the traits that gave him that very nickname. For me, that calmness (and reluctance to get ugly) that is a big part of his appeal.

But for some, the louder the ranting and yelling, the more they trust, they more they assume with all that yelling probably no information is being held back, while in all that calm and choosing to hold one’s tongue there must be much unsaid. I can see that argument can make sense, but it is a shame that blustering has become an American virtue.


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