Why Pro-Life Voters Should Choose Obama

I’ll start with this: If you want a reduction in the threats to traditional marriage, neither presidential candidate is likely to give you that.

So let’s just move on to abortion. John McCain says he is pro-life, which he must, because he needs the socially-conservative vote, however, 1) his record has been anything but solid on this issue, 2) he has proposed no plan for actually reducing the number of abortions taking place in this country, 3) the abortion rate has not been impacted by any policy put in place during the eight years Republicans have held the presidency,* which has 4) taken no action on the issue outside of an election. Fundamentally, political expediency is the only value at work for McCain when it comes to life and family issues.

A vote for McCain is not a pro-life vote.

On the other hand, Obama has actively addressed abortion as something we need to reduce at its cause and has proposed solutions that have the potential to actually reduce the number of abortions in this country. Obama has stated that he has been influenced by his time with Americans over the past two years, that he has met and heard people who hold life dear and want to see an end to abortion. He has recognized that his interaction with these voters has caused his view on abortion to evolve, although he still feels that no one but “the mother” is in a position to make that decision. His public acknowledgement of his observations (as well as using the term “mother” when referring to the woman deciding to have an abortion) has brought him criticism from the traditional NOW feminists, but he simply recognizes the obvious—that abortion is not a great banner of freedom and equality, but the result of many personal and societal failures—and it must be reduced.

But more importantly, he understands the fundamental truth that abortion is not caused by its legality, even if it is facilitated by it. It is caused by poverty, ignorance, low education levels, lack of opportunity, hopelessness and irresponsibility. That is why these societal issues—along with the unwillingness/ineffectiveness of the Republicans do anything about abortion while in office—must be weighed more heavily than the lingering assumption that Republicans are supposed to be pro-life, or were historically. Incidentally, much of this same argument would apply to the lingering assumption that Republicans stand for smaller government, low spending and protecting liberties. When it comes to life, I doubt there has ever been a presidency with an eye so focused on financial and political power that translates into such low regard for human life at all levels–from fetuses to soldiers to veterans to foreign citizens to the ill and elderly with poor or no healthcare.

But back on point–even in the Catholic 36-page report on voting, which supposedly the aforementioned video was based on (which everyone took as a mandate to vote right-wing) it explains that because many factors impact abortion, all the issues facing society must be considered.

It reminds me of the parable where the master asks two servants to labor—one says “I will” then does not, the other says, “I won’t” but then decides to labor after all. The Lord asks in that parable, “Who will have the reward?” Whether you think that a reduction in abortion levels should come because the mother doesn’t have the legal choice to abort when she wants to, or whether you think that reduction should come as a result of addressing the causes, McCain will not give you the former, and Obama has committed to working on the latter.

If you want a better chance of actually reducing the number the abortions in this country, you need to surrender the idea that the Republicans will “fight” for that. Obama is your man.

If you agree with me at any level, I’m going to shamelessly ask you to send this post to your pro-life friends.

*See comments on the change I made here.

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  1. LCT4J
    LCT4J says:

    Actually, in the Spring a report was published in the media that the number of abortions has decreased in the past few years. Politics, by the way, will never adequately address the spiritual and moral climate of the country- the reverse is true. Christians and people of faith obeying the Bible and preaching the Good News so that people’s hearts are changed and that they see the truth of the matter is the ony real solution.

  2. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    So, just how is he going to address those issues and who is going to fund it? It sounds good.

    Just for the record, you who live in Utah and have a skewed view of just how well McCain is doing (or actually is not doing) Obama is going to win. Abortion will still be legal. Same-sex marriage will or will not be. I’ll either be paying more federal income tax, or not. That will depend on if he keeps the child tax credit. I haven’t heard anyone address that, but I am sure it has been. We’ll probably be closer to Socialism (but with the way McCain is talking and with what has already been done, we are heading in that way right now) We’ll either have better relations with other countries or we won’t. We’ll have more jobs or we won’t. We’ll either be in Iraq or we won’t. I am voting for McCain, but I would probably say the same thing if he were to win. I have decided that the president can influence some things, but his power is pretty limited. I am so with lct4j. It is really up to us citizens how we do. I still maintain that the collapse of our economy is as much the fault of the little guy’s greed as the big guy’s, and that only the gospel can truly change the people’s hearts and ultimately our country’s.

    Obama does seem to be a man of strong moral character. I sure hope that is true.

    I can’t wait for this election to be over!!!

  3. Mamamelodrama
    Mamamelodrama says:

    Ict4j–Thanks for your comment–I agree with everything you’ve said. Although political leaders are not helpless to assist in the welfare of the people, these spiritual issues cannot be “solved” by government.

    You are right, the overall abortion rate has decreased over time, and I made that correction. There is evidence that the rate of abortion per unwanted pregnancy has risen, due in great part to RU-486, but I needed to be more clear there and appreciate your input–as I don’t want to be an originator of spin when I spend so much time ranting about the evils of spin.

    The studies I’ve read explain that these reductions have come primarily from increased access to birth control and increased medical care, and more abortion providers leaving the practice, reducing easy availability. Other studies I’ve read said that that rise of ultrasound imaging had a significant impact as well, bringing the reality of the baby into public view.

    I have always felt that these problems can only be solved spiritually, and that laws will not change the spiritual root of the problem, but I think to some extent they can change the magnitude of the consequences.

    My argument is that the party that most claims to care about this issue has had no impact on what actually happens. I sincerely believe that one must vote Republican for abortion’s sake is a false argument.

  4. Sherry Carpet
    Sherry Carpet says:

    hi there – i followed you here from doris’s blog and wanted to give a voice of support. your research is so much appreciated and needed in our culture, which tends to lean one way politically, to our detriment. i have come to similar conclusions as yours in my own study during this election and have tried to discuss it on my blogs here:


    and here




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