You’re in for it III (read previous posts first)

Ok, I really feel like I have it all almost worked out now. Soon we’ll be back to talking canning and kids, and posting pictures. But not yet.

Rant, part three and final:

A quick word on judges—as I know this is an enormous point of concern for many of my friends. I’ll just say this–both sides will tell you scary stories about the kind of judges the other candidate will appoint—these fortune tellers love to keep you up at night with all the things the candidates will do to destroy America and your life once elected.

But after all I’ve taken in on this, my consensus is that with either of these guys, you are likely to get a moderate swing voter appointed, like an O’Connor. I won’t list all my reasons now, but in brief, if McCain returns to his old real “maverick ways” (the kind that doesn’t have to say it to make it true), and if it’s true he won’t likely run for a second term and will have nothing to lose, he’ll do whatever he wants, and that won’t be to appoint a religious ideologue.

As for Obama, he understands better than anyone else the enormous divides in this country. He is not a defender of corrupt behavior who will put judges in that will overturn Roe v Wade, etc.—people continually listen to the pundits on this instead of seeing what is right in front of their face when Obama is talking policy—he is a boring, painstaking pragmatist.(And seriously, if you believe the crazies when they tell you he’ll try to put Hillary on the bench–she isn’t even a practicing attorney, which is required–you need to turn off the Hannity and start learning things for yourself).

Do I differ with Obama on policies? Heck ya. Does he say things that bother me? Yes sir. But in both cases, this is less the case with him than the differing and bothering that goes on between me and McCain these days–we, who once were almost idealogical friends before he let Rove take over his campaign after the primary—so yucky!

And, really for another post, is the enormous issues of respect for life that is trampled by war, preventable sickness and death related to quiet corporate license to poison air, water, soil and food at will and grinding the faces of the poor around the world. The quickly expanding disparity between rich and poor in this country can easily be laid at the feet of a Republican administration—and study after study shows that increased poverty impacts abortion rates.

Here are the boring facts: We have two flawed people to choose from, neither of whom can be called a defender of life or the family, but one of whom has sincerely thought about the issues from multiple perspectives, and that he empathizes, respects and understands with those who disagree with him, and the other merely wants to give the “right” answer that will get him in power. The candidate that agrees with everyone on every issue does not exist. I believe Obama is not only smarter, he is wiser. He is a more consistent, thoughtful leader and communicator—even in his campaign management he is exponentially better than his rival.

(And sorry, but I fundamentally dismiss the “he’s secretly something else” theory, in part because the Republicans have openly discussed that tactic as being part of the campaign strategy—it’s pure marketing. But mainly I don’t believe this theory because I’ve read and thought myself to death over it, reading both men’s actual words wherever I could. And as I’ve said before, I love a conspiracy theory and suspect them practically everywhere—but on this one I just see marketing.)

Oh my goodness, you’re STILL reading this?? Okay, I’ll reward you by finishing. Yes, we should vote for life and the family, ESPECIALLY in the state elections, which actually have jurisdiction and greater relevance in these matters. But please, don’t vote for a party simply because they say these two issues are part of their platform—because their performance shows exactly the opposite is the case, and they’re only pulling it out now to get your vote.

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