Don’t panic–but it’s time to panic

I was reviewing my “That’s not food” articles over on  the other day and wishing I had time to be more careful with my kids’ diets.  They just are clearly not healthy kids—not really sickly, but I can see they are not vibrant and well.  With the flu season coming on, I’m trying to figure out what I can do to help them build their immunity and be more healthy (besides passing out the chemical-laden Flinstones, which I’ve resorted to in my chaotic life).


Then I read this article in the NY Times and realized that it simply needs to happen whether I’m busy or not.  More than ever I need to know exactly where our food comes from, and wherever possible we need to grow and cook it ourselves.  I’ve always known that the essentially pre-digested processed foods we consider normal when we eat out (and in) are now more likely than ever to contain some very, very scary things.  As an example, this article discusses wheat gluten, which is almost ubiquitous in processed and restaurant foods, is almost ALWAYS made in China, and one of the top melamine contaminated concerns over there. 


Globalism, my @@$.


What’s more—meat, as the top of the food chain, is increasingly where the trace contaminants accumulate—through the feed, air, water and even grazing land if you buy the fancy meat.  Meat is becoming the catch-all for these things to bring them beyond “trace” levels.  And then, our small kids are taking in such a heavy load for their small bodies.  This stuff is just not imaginary or the realm of the paranoid anymore.  Let’s face it—being actively concerned about the growing levels of scary things our kids are consuming under the name of “nutrition” can no longer be written off as the rant of crazy hippie parents, or the luxury of having enough time–it needs to be the mantra of all concerned parents despite our finances and schedules. 


Yes, time is scarce.  Time (and money) to plant, grow, prepare, cook and serve food to our families is short.  I’m really, really feeling that.  But this is one very important way I can show them I love them.  And more than ever, I’m grateful for a living prophet and the gospel, which has been telling us to grow and preserve food, save money, eat very little meat, pay down our mortgages, follow the Word of Wisdom and the example of Daniel, and avoid debt—long before these things became an emergency.  This is why ongoing revelation from God for our times is such an expression of God’s love.  Let’s not be afraid, but let’s listen to what we’ve been told.


Op-Ed Contributor: Our Home-Grown Melamine Problem

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