Let Beer Companies Pay for your Food!

I'm passing along a fun tip from my dear friend of 25 years (how far we've come since 8th grade earth science class!)–A word from Janet–

I hate mass email but I love good food – and a good deal and thought you might too. Beer companies are paying for groceries this holiday in an insane marketing ploy. They should have a disclaimer for Mormons who don't drink, but hey.

I saw this on the news last night (KSL http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=4847389). Beer companies are giving rebates on food. For example, Budweiser is giving you $15 back on a deli tray of ham or turkey. It doesn't say what store (you could go to an grocery store or deli). It just has to be at least $25. This means you'll get about half the cost back. It expires at the end of Christmas.

You have to look at the grocery store to find the rebate forms. They are on displays by beer and on the ends of aisle displays. I found one at Smith's today at the end of the beer isle. You don't have to buy beer to use it. I'm going to look for more…

I couldn't pass up this deal!


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