reasons to email me

First, because I changed my cell phone number and finally went local.  (To quote Doris, “NOOOOOOOOOO!”).  If you want to have it, email me at hivalerie at g mail dot com.


Second, because I work for “the world’s largest discount network,” I can get 8 free one-year discount memberships for my friends.  There are some lame discounts, there are some amazing discounts—like 15% off at  (Can I just tell you right now I’ll be ordering Christmas from there this week?)  Other brands include Kohls, Disneyworld, tons of hotels, restaurants, etc.  They tend to be pretty fast turning around cards, so if you want to get one and see if can help you with Christmas, I’m happy to send one your way.  I simply want to give them to the bargain-hunter type people who are inclined to go online and find the places they can save.  Email me your name and address if you want one.  I can’t request them until I have a list of all 8 takers.


Email today—and put the power of 250,000 brands behind your family.  At Access, our experience is your advantage. 


Hm, I guess that would be my cue to switch over to REAL work now, while the Access “muse” is turned on.  J


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