Thanks and Pics

Thanks for all your nice messages and emails. If I was fishing, which I wasn’t, I surely scored many fish.

I tried to post pictures via my new magical email method last night and they didn’t go through, so I posted them the old way in a few posts (below).

Today Seaworld came to my work (we sell a LOT of Sea World tickets) and they did a short presentation with a kookabura, a porcupine, a great horned owl, a baby kangaroo, a hawk, a lemur, a reindeer and a camel. I didn’t plan on doing it, but my coworkers said, “hey, the boss is out, go get your kids and let them see it, it was great last year!) So I surprised all my kids and picked them all up and we saw the animals and I just went home after that, with only the permission of all my co-workers, no real permission. It was over at 3, and I couldn’t see dropping them all back at care to arrive back at work at 4 or 4:30.

It was fun but bittersweet, because we all had such a nice weekend together and I could tell the kids were really bothered about the whole work thing–and so was I. It’s not an optional thing, but I’m missing them more and more. Every day Noah says, “Mom, I don’t want to go to school or Lincoln’s, I want you.” And I think about how it won’t be long before this sweet little four year old won’t feel that way anymore–it is such a short time, and I’m missing so much of it. I’m just really sad about it today. Sadness I guess in the air the past few days.

But again, thanks for your sweet words.

And for those of you who are asking me, “It looks like Obama will win? Are you happy?” I say no, although I will feel relieved. If McCain won, I would be wonderfully off the hook for all the negative future events which will surely be blamed on the next president, whether within the realm of his influence or not. With my being outspoken for Obama, it’s like a personal liability for every dumb thing he will do, and every dumb thing that happens, whether he did it or it would have happened either way.

Yes, I think we’ll be better off, but since we can never know what “would have been,” and since we seem to be headed for even more difficult times, I think it will be the easy road for folks to take to comfort ourselves with how great it would have been if we’d only chosen otherwise.

And then there’s the fact that he’s a politician, and for all the things I like about him, he’s still that. So it’s a matter of seeing how he will disappoint, while believing he’ll disappoint less than the alternative.

To quote Jon Stewart, “Oh Obama–how will you break our hearts?”

I’ve already voted, and I’m in Utah, so that’s all kind of anticlimactic.

Oh, and Gina, on the gay marriage thing, I read an interesting article about that last week:

Personally, they both are against it, Obama for religious reasons, McCain in the name of tradition, and it sounds like both of them are mired in federalism, state issues, and policy technicalities on why they will or won’t support various laws surrounding it. But when it comes to respect for the family, I think Obama has shown much clearer support of it personally with one wife whom he shows respect. McCain has shown very little concern for family matters in his treatment of his ex-wife and shockingly misogynist statements toward women in general.

But blah blah blah. It’s all over tomorrow. Thank heaven for that.

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  1. Nicke
    Nicke says:

    If Obama is against making same-sex marriage illegal, isn’t that a double negative that means, he is for making it legal? Also this was one of my favorite quotes from the article.

    “I’m a Christian,” Mr. Obama said on a radio program in his 2004 race for Senate. “And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman.”

    I you do not let your beliefs dominate or determine you political views–What do you let determine them?

    And one more thing–when you are posting a rebutal to an individual who has e-mailed you, I would like to hear the information that you are rebutting.

    Still friends!

  2. Mamamelodrama
    Mamamelodrama says:

    To the first question, no. If I am against making it illegal to eat a whole box of mallowmars, it doesn’t mean I think it is a good idea to eat a whole box of mallowmars. My unwillingness to pass a law against something doesn’t mean I’m in favor of it. (yes, we all understand marriage is somewhat more sacred that mallowmars–albeit less tasty.) There are plenty of things that we are not in favor of as a society that we do not pass laws against.

    In our political system, you are supposed to not let your own views dominate your decisions as an elected representative. You are to represent those you serve and hear out their wishes. Everyone is informed by their religion and values, and as voters, these are very important. As representatives, you can’t divorce yourself from your guiding principles, nor can you let your own religion inform policy that can can be detrimental to those you govern. Case in point, certain politicians who feel they are doing the will of the Lord who are really making a big bloody mess, or historical politicians who use their own religious views to persecute other religions–representing the people is the responsibility of leaders of a Republic.

    Also, I try to get permission of those I respond to before quoting them, although I guess I can do it anonymously. I thought about doing it in this case but didn’t want my friend to think I was relegating her comments to blog fodder. Whereas, my comments are worthy of that low estate.

    Also, although I did find this article interesting, I can’t say it made me very excited about either candidate. I wasn’t posting this in support of Obama, but as something I read that I found interesting. The level I support Obama is superior to the level in which I support McCain, but both of those are far inferior to the level I support my cats, for instance, or you.

    And yes, of course we are still friends. Who are you?

  3. chinh
    chinh says:

    This is Gina, the person Valerie is responding to, and my point was that there seemed to be a lot of people who thought Obama was opposed to gay marriage and would support measures for it to be between man and woman. I had mentioned that Biden said they would support marriage between man and woman in his debate, but then on Ellen Degeneres’ Show said differently. Obama and Biden have both voted consistently against legislation for such an act. I guess the confusion has come because Obama says he personally thinks marriage is between a man and a woman, but that he doesn’t believe there should be an legislaton to that regard. So, he shows himself the smart politician that he is in sounding good to both sides. Valerie’s article basically reaffirms that from what I gathered. My point is simply to truly know what a politician will do in office with matters that are important to us. Here is a little bit more succinct stand on Obama’s position.

    And, he did support a no on prop.8.
    I think there are other strengths to give Obama, but this isn’t one of them.


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